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Beverly Hall, ATL school superintendent: $400,298


beverly hallLean times have forced unpaid furloughs and reduced bonuses on some educators, but they haven’t hit Beverly Hall’s pocketbook. She will earn more than $400,000 this year in salary, bonuses and other benefits, including a car.

The Atlanta Board of Education voted last month to award Hall a bonus of $78,115 on top of her $279,985 base salary.

Under Hall’s contract, she can earn a performance bonus of up to 30 percent if students meet objectives in such areas as reading, language arts, mathematics, enrollment in higher level classes, attendance and test scores. The school system analyzed the data for 2008-09 and found students met 57 percent of the 72 objectives, yet Hall’s bonus will be more than 90 percent of the maximum available.

That’s because the goals were “stretch objectives” — goals that were difficult to achieve, schools spokesman Keith Bromery said. In other words, not easy A’s.

Hall’s contract also entitles her to a tax-sheltered annuity equal to 11.5 percent of her base salary — or $32,198 — as well as a $10,000 expense allowance and use of a late-model, full-size car. She also gets a life insurance policy for twice her base salary and additional contributions to her retirement.





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6 Responses to “Beverly Hall, ATL school superintendent: $400,298”

  1. Lauren says:

    If we’re going to crucify public servants for getting paid highly competitive salaries, let’s also acknowledge what they’ve done to earn them these salaries. Hall won a national award in 2009 as Superintendent of the Year for Hall transforming Atlanta’s entire school system through a comprehensive reform agenda. Every elementary school in Atlanta made adequate yearly progress in 2008, and graduation rates at several high schools have risen sharply. It’s important that we continue to recruit and reward top-level innovative CEOs in Atlanta whether they’re running a for-profit, a nonprofit or a government entity.

  2. Alice says:


    Have you seen the extensive proof of cheating in APS schools? Between the cheating and the steady exiting of poor people (and that includes children) from Atlanta and APS, it is hard to be certain that Hall deserves any credit at all.

  3. csquared says:

    I’d be interested to know what “performance bonus” the TEACHERS responsible for those gains got. I know the top folks like to think they had something to do with student success like somehow shuffling papers makes kids learn better, but it’s the Teachers that are responsible. I’d have more respect for Hall if she funneled that raise and bonus BACK to the schools needing it. I’m NOT holding my breath for that.

  4. PTA mom says:

    Who’s crucifying Hall? This site is just saying this is how much she’s being paid by the taxpayers. Period.

  5. JB says:

    I think paying someone 400k when the schools dont have enough money to provide adequate music lessons, art lessons or even have balls for the kids to kick in PE is totally obscene. In the new environment we are living in you would have totally qualified people lined up for miles to get this job. 400k is an OBSCENE use of the taxpayers money. She should be glad we dont get to vote on whether she deserves it.

  6. Derek King says:

    Hmmm, I wonder what she would be qualified to earn in the private sector?