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Milton Little Jr., United Way of Metro Atlanta CEO: $435,962


milton littleThe United Way would not disclose CEO Milton Little‘s salary when the AJC wrote about compensation for his predecessor, Mark O’Connell, in 2007. Now the organization has filed a tax form reporting Little’s 2008 compensation as nearly $436,000, including benefits and $77,000 in expenses.

United Way also gave chief operating officer Ayesha Khanna a 10.7 percent raise to $210,917 in 2008, according to the tax forms, posted recently at Chief financial officer Mark Sutton got a 14 percent pay hike to $137,117.

O’Connell made $494,045 in his last year on the job. That doesn’t count the $1.6 million he collected in a one-time retirement bonus to supplement his $106,000-a-year pension.





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9 Responses to “Milton Little Jr., United Way of Metro Atlanta CEO: $435,962”

  1. Dale Beens says:

    Outrageous salary, really makes you want to give to the united way.

  2. carol korb says:

    just saw Mr. Milton on the news begging for money to help the United Way! I have never given to this “cause” because of his salary. Salvation Army is the way to go….your dollars go further!

  3. P. Robinson says:

    All these years, my spouses company has ask each employee to give to this cause by one time donation or by payroll deduction. Now I have come across this infor via internet and I am angry to find out the salary for Mr. Little and let alone his expenses. I agree with Carol, Salvation Army is the way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jacob says:

    my friend’s dad… knew he was spoiled, not THIS spoiled!

  5. Katie says:

    It sounds like all of you are worried about the wrong thing. His salary base is not and should not be any different from those of other CEOs. Just because he works for a nonprofit does not mean he works for free. He has a tremendous responsibility on his shoulders and should be compensated accordingly. At the end of the day, you pay for what you get. If you want quality results, be prepared to pay for quality talent. Moreover, his salary is not far off from other nonprofit CEOs, i.e. UNICEF and American Red Cross.

  6. Mary Hill says:

    I am not so concerned about anyone’s salary. But I have a friend who is homeless, and I have exhausted my financial and other resources to help my friend. I have contacted several agencies within the atlanta area, and each have specific requirements to help the homeless. Is there help for a recently homeless person, who is ill – on meds, has no income or other resources to help himself. Please contact me if you can help. Thanks Mary

  7. Aleatra Lenahan says:

    Okay Everybody!

    I worked for the Red Cross in Asheville North Carolina and for The New York branch, you would not like what they spend monies given to them on; salary is the least of the offensive money out put; the American Red Cross makes people rent crutches, and walkers etc….

    The Red Cross has elaborate parties, at the Hilton, Omni Hotel etc… and in old Caslte’s and Grand ballrooms in erurope and all the while they are asking you for money!

    And the CEO of Red Cross makes so much money, one years pay could put a big hole in our financial problems in the US. Trust me all CEO’s make too much but are they all currupt? No, Mr. Milton has shown himself to be a credible man with good virtue and ethic’s let’s see what he is doing, not what he is making!

  8. Citizen says:

    Please don’t let this stop your giving! The community granted organizations are the ones that will suffer not his salary! Your giving can be designated ! Even though united way does not push it but you can give specifically by writing them on the partner line- united way can only take 5% of designated giving where they decide how the unspecified giving is distributed!

  9. Sheribele says:

    I think all employee’s of charities should be non-paid or minimum wage, including CEO’s!

    There are plenty of qualified people who are already wealthy and could care less about getting rich at the expense of someone else’s misery and distress. Find them, please!