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Peter & Julia White, Southern Center for International Studies: $271,796


This husband and wife earned FY2008 salaries of $175,888 and $75,908, respectively, as president and vice president of the Southern Center for International Studies, based on West Paces Ferry Road in Atlanta. That represented 11 percent of all expenses for the year ending in June 2008, in which the center ran a deficit of nearly $1.2 million, tax records show.

Previously, the center paid the Whites a combined salary and benefits of $484,781 in FY2007 and $459,006 in FY2006. The non-profit has also been paying the Whites and vice president Cedric Suzman interest on loans for working capital, tax records show. Interest on the loans totaled $130,959 in the past three years.





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One Response to “Peter & Julia White, Southern Center for International Studies: $271,796”

  1. James Groce says:

    What else does this couple have to do to get jail time?Tell the D A to take the blindfold off. James Groce