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College Park ordered to pay $156K+ in reverse-bias case


A federal jury ruled today that race played a role in 2004 when a black majority of the College Park City Council fired a white department head.

Charles E Phillipstracey wyattThe jury awarded Christopher Jones, the city’s former director of economic development, $156,000 in damages plus attorney’s fees, which could be in the neighborhood of $400,000. (U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp has yet to rule whether Jones should be reinstated or receive back pay.) The award includes $75,000 in punitive damages to be paid by Councilman Charles E. Phillips Sr. (left) and $75,000 by Councilman Tracey Wyatt (right); the jury ruled that former council member Cynthia Jones, who also voted to fire Jones, was not liable for racial discrimination.

The award is well below the $740,000 settlement proposed last year by the city’s insurer, which the council rejected. But the city’s own legal fees could add up to $1 million or more.

The three council members voted to fire Jones in April 2004 as his employment contract was up for its annual review. City manager J. Scott Miller had recommended renewal and a raise, after giving him a glowing performance evaluation.

Council members said insubordination and disrespect, not race, cost Jones his job. They said he had spoken rudely to them and members of the public.

But Jones, who now holds a similar position in Alpharetta, alleged he was fired so the council could replace him with an African-American department head.

Jurors heard testimony that Phillips referred to Jones as “the white boy” and that he told him, after a confrontation during a council meeting, that he didn’t want his constituents to think a white development director was running City Hall. The city’s finance director testified Wyatt told her when he took office that he had a “black agenda.” Both council members boasted they had hired an African-American to replace Jones, a city business leader testified.

Both men denied making the racially charged statements.





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5 Responses to “College Park ordered to pay $156K+ in reverse-bias case”

  1. Dan Deacon says:

    These sack of crap idiots that feel they can push people around like the three black bastards on the council should be tarred and feathered and made to stand in front of city hall to represent their attitude and the kind of people they are for the public to spit on.

    It’s great that Christopher Jones stood his ground, stayed the course for all these years (which the time it took is another issue and a disgrace to the justice system) which bodes well for blacks recognizing just because they may be lucky enough to be in a position like these idots were to hire and fire that they will be held accountable both personally and professionally. The judge should come back with a judgment on all three of these black people and the white man that voted to fire Mr. Jones.

    White people will not tolerate undignified blacks that think they know it all and ultimately know nothing to violate their rights in any way, shape or fashion. Here’s just one example of what they can expect.

    By the way..where’s Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joseph Lowery and that clan to support Mr. Jones being discriminated against? He fought this in the courts on his own without the help of crybabys like these hipocrites.
    Yall suck on that judgment a little while and think about how the rapture will come down on you when you try to run over white people or any person in the future. Treat all people equally and they’ll be no issues!

  2. Jim Walls says:

    Readers, I ask that you please, please refrain from offensive and inflammatory name-calling and personal attacks when posting comments on this site. It accomplishes nothing other than to encourage hatred and simple-minded attitudes. I believe in free speech enough to leave this post up, for now, but I also believe in calling out bigotry and mean-spiritedness. Let’s please try to keep the conversation civil.

  3. Charles Timbers says:

    It’s AWFUL that in this day and AGE anyone gets let go for reasons of race or sexual orientation.
    Deacon Dan- man of God? I think not. He needs to remember God loves everyone and we are not perfect; if we were there would have been no need for Jesus on the cross!

  4. lighteredknot says:

    Phillips and Wyatt just cost the city of Atlanta a lot of money. It’s not theirs so why should they worry. They were only doing what their racist minds dictated. Keep it up Atlanta, the world is watching.

  5. Dexter says:

    Wyatt and Phillips are councilman for the City of College Park, not Atlanta. In any event, this was very stupid on both of their behalfs.