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Committee for Missing Children officials: David & Karen Thelen, $132,822


This Gwinnett County-based group raised $2.6 million in fiscal 2008. More than 86 cents of every dollar was spent on fund-raising. Another 5 cents went to the salaries of CEO David Thelen and board secretary Karen Thelen, his wife. That left 8 cents on the dollar to be spent on the group’s purported mission: distributing photos of missing children. Here’s the organization’s latest tax return.





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2 Responses to “Committee for Missing Children officials: David & Karen Thelen, $132,822”

  1. Ali Raza says:

    LMAO ! This Charity is a typical case of an incompetent individual, in dire need of a job. Their mission is simply to get a sumptuous salary for the family. This charity is on the SCAMMERS list of the AG in Georgia, has gotten ZERO scores from Charity navigation, a watch dog that keeps an eye on shady charities. The fact that over 80% of their donations are being set aside for salaries and further fund raising marketting… you can all but see that this a big coverup. I have personal experience with this Charity that calls it self ” committee for missing children”. My son was abducted by my ex wife from Atlanta USA in 1996 and taken to Germany, where the system, through utter disregard for the Hague Convention, ethnically cleansed my son beyond a hope of return. The system includes my wife Heike Raza who works at Siemens Erlangen Germany, and her Attorney Harrald Weisker. Despite the fact that there were outstanding arrest warrants against her in the USA, I was horrified to see my abductee ex wife as an invitee at the may 2000 meeting of the committee at Lagsenelbold Germany, along with her Attorney. Her Attorney not only was invited, he made it gallantly as an an Attorney for the Committee. When I read this, all I could do was shake my head in disbelief. It is these two individuals who I fought in the biased German system for 10 yrs. A system that granted me 25 minutes a month visitation under supervision. I flew from Atlanta religiously, every month for 1 day , only to see my son for 25 minutes. It is these two individuals filed a motion of objection with the German Court that I had embarrassed my son by personally delivering his Birthday presents in his class room in school, because the mother would hinder their deliverance to him other wise. Actually to see Harrald Weisker as an Attorney representing himself for victims of abductions would be like putting Joseph Mengele on the committe for the welfare of Jews at Auschwitz. I have not seen my son for over 7 years. Thanks to the devious German system and my impotent Govt. When I called David Thelen, and there were warrants for his invitee…He informed me that , I quote, ” My wife Karen and I are very close friends with your ex wife Heike, her Attorney and your son Jordan, I used my position to have the arrest warrants against your ex wife cancelled”. You have a nice day. I puked as I hung up with him. This committee is a scam !!

  2. Andy Clarkson says:

    This Committe for missing Children, was under investigation by the Atlanta based investigative ” Clark Howard ” group. According to their Tax returns, the owners Davis and Karen Thelen were scamming donors purely to sustain a livelyhood with over $100,000.00 salaries to themselves. The remaining 80 % of the donations were invested in advertising and marketting for this sham Committee. This is a typical scenario in the US where so called NON PROFIT ORGANISATIONS, feed on donations just to secure a salary for the good for nothing owners. Without the donations Davis and Karen Thelen would be on Food stamps. These two are nothing but outright crooks.