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DeKalb rejects parks director’s appeal of firing over swim meet snafu


marilyn boyd drewMarilyn Boyd Drew appealed her July 20 firing as DeKalb County’s parks and recreation director, but she won’t get a hearing like the county’s police chief did.

DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis fired Drew, 55, last month after her department bungled efforts to enroll DeKalb youths in a state swim meet.

At the time, Drew told reporters she would appeal the decision under rules of the DeKalb County Merit System. She lodged her appeal July 29.

DeKalb Human Resources Director Joe Stone rejected Drew’s appeal the next day on the grounds that her job was exempt from the Merit System’s protection.

The parks job was mistakenly classified as falling under the Merit System when she got it in 2002. A memo in Drew’s personnel file shows she was notified of the mistake in 2003 with an explanation that the County Commission had previously removed the position from the Merit System.

Police Chief Terrell Bolton, fired earlier this year by Ellis, also appealed his dismissal as well and received a three-day administrative hearing. A decision is expected within the next two weeks.

County commissioners have since removed the chief’s job from  Merit System protection.

Both Drew and Stone are defendants in a federal lawsuit alleging they took part in a reverse-discrimination scheme to replace white managers with blacks in the parks and recreation department. A federal appeals court ruled in July that the plaintiffs had presented “shocking evidence” of racial bias by former DeKalb CEO Vernon Jones and others.





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One Response to “DeKalb rejects parks director’s appeal of firing over swim meet snafu”

  1. Glad 2 C her go!!!! says:

    As a former employee of the P&R department, it is about time the former director got what she was dishing out. It is just icing on top of the cake that she will NOT be allowed to appeal her termination. She is an evil and vile woman who deserved what she got and should have gotten alot worse!!!!!!!!!! She tried people’s lives like she was god and had all power. I guess the new CEO showed her.
    It is unfortunate that ALOT OF GOOD PEOPLE were terminated by her, who were just trying to do the job the citizens of DeKalb County’s deserved and pay for with their taxes. It would be righting the wrongs she did if the CEO or someone in DeKalb County Gov’t senior management would like closer into the terminations of the past 2 years. Joe Stone, current HR director is NOT the person to handle this task as the terminations should have NEVER gotten passed HIS department. Drew have any type of documentation to support any termination and the H/R Merit System just stepped out of her way.
    She wasted alot of money and if CEO Ellis is true to his word in requiring an audit of that department, more terminations should follow Drew. She was just the leader at the helm of that drowning ship and is the tip of the iceberg.
    It is just too bad Drew was not fired for her true incompetencies.