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Investigators: No proof of substandard care at Atlanta VA Hospital


Atlanta VA hospitalFederal investigators looked into charges of substandard care and possibly preventable deaths at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, according to a recent report, but could not substantiate the allegations.

A tipster filed complaints about inadequate care in outpatient clinics and in the medical/telemetry unit at the hospital, located on Clairmont Road in Decatur, according to an online report by the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Investigators confirmed some of the alleged incidents, the July 22 report said, but could not establish that poor medical care was a factor.

Incidents under review included:

— Mishandling by medical staff of a breast cancer patient’s adverse reaction to chemotherapy.

— Pressure ulcers, or bedsores, suffered by a female veteran admitted to the hospital for a hip replacement.

— Poor hygiene that resulted in an infection for a patient receiving a flu shot.

Investigators said they also could not confirm the complainant’s allegation that some patients may have died due to poor care in the hospital’s medical/telemetry unit on the seventh floor:

“In an effort to identify negative patient care trends, we reviewed documents related to infection control, pressure ulcer incidence, and mortality data on the seventh floor. We did not identify any patterns, trends, or other concerns that would be indicative of substandard patient care.”





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One Response to “Investigators: No proof of substandard care at Atlanta VA Hospital”

  1. William Brantley says:

    Healthcare Inspection report 09-00275-173 July 22, 2009

    Alleged Substandard Patient Care Atlanta VA Medical Center

    This report reached the same conclusion as the one in this article. All patient complaints, submitted by this RN, were intentionally reworded to reduce the severity of the original complaint. Not one veterans who complained was contacted or interviewed, the report itself contains numerous falsehoods.

    No wonder our nations veterans are dying all over the country.

    In 2011 VAOIG report 2009-02678-DS-0419, a criminal complaint, the VAOIG reworded the testimony of two subjects of the complaint and refused to investigate altered e-mails and fabricated evidence that proved perjury.

    Because of the rampant corruption and criminality in the VA system, veterans are at extreme risk.

    Len Brantley RN Whistleblower