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APD stats: Assaults up 52% in intown zone, burglaries up in SW & Buckhead


Aggravated assaults climbed by more than 50 percent this year in intown Atlanta, and residential burglaries were up sharply in Buckhead and southwest Atlanta, police statistics show.

ChiefYear-to-date statistics posted online show overall crime was down citywide through April, as Police Chief Richard Pennington (left) has said. That statement, and his comments about the public’s “perception” of a spike in crime, have enraged critics who believe the city is responding too timidly to recent high-profile crimes.

But the numbers also show pockets of the city where certain types of violent and property offenses rose sharply in the first four months of the year.

Aggravated assault, for instance, climbed 52 percent in Zone 5 (which stretches from downtown Atlanta south to I-20 and north to Ansley Park), even as it declined by 8 percent in the rest of the city. Auto theft was up 23 percent and bicycle theft up 120 percent in Zone 5 during the same period.

Residential burglaries climbed 54 percent in Zone 3 (Southwest Atlanta) over 2008, the statistics show. In Zone 2 (Buckhead), residential burglaries rose 33 percent. Elsewhere in the city, the number of burgaries was stable or down slightly; in Zone 1 (northwest Atlanta), they were down 28 percent.

Southwest Atlanta also saw significant increases through April in several other crime categories:

— Auto theft (50%)

— Aggravated assault (26%)

— Non-residential burglaries (69%)

In Buckhead, shoplifting this year climbed by 32 percent, while auto theft and robbery both rose by 8 percent.

Zone 6 (east Atlanta) saw an increase in thefts from motor vehicles (17 percent) and aggravated assault (8 percent). There were also three criminal homicides there in the first four months of 2009, compared to none for the same period last year.

The APD Web site provides monthly crime summaries, including a breakdown for each of the city’s six police zones, through April. To track more recent incidents, a crime-mapping page allows users to call up information on major crimes citywide or in each zone.





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8 Responses to “APD stats: Assaults up 52% in intown zone, burglaries up in SW & Buckhead”

  1. […] Walls at Atlanta Unfiltered dug into Atlanta’s crime statistics for this year and found that, yep, crime is  down citywide. […]

  2. Richard Orr says:

    While your facts on this post may be correct as it applies to Zone 5, geographically that APD zone contains Downtown, Midtown, part of SW Atlanta and part of the Old Fourth Ward. As we have tracked Downtown crime since 2003, reporting it twice a year, and have just released our 2009 1st six month report (only covering Downtown and extract from total Zone 5 figures) your statements as it relates to Downtown are wrong. You are welcomed to e-mail me for the most recent Downtown crime statistics.

  3. Jim Walls says:

    I would love to see downtown crime stats. Please send to I have clarified the description of Zone 5 in the story. Having said that, when I look up agg assaults on the APD crime map, most of them in that Zone seem to be below North Ave.

  4. Jim Walls says:

    Central Atlanta Progress has provided me with crime stats for the first six months of 2009 (APD has only posted four months’ worth) that show a 16% increase in aggravated assaults downtown so far this year (61 in 2008, 71 in 2009). I could not confirm those numbers with APD (you can never find a public information officer when you need one).

    But, assuming CAP’s numbers are accurate, the spike in Zone 5 agg assaults outside of Downtown (Midtown, portions of Old Fourth Ward and Southwest Atlanta) is even higher than 52%. They may have doubled. Overall, for January through April, APD reported 141 assaults in all of Zone 5, compared to 93 last year.

  5. michelle blanch says:

    I live in SW Atlanta, in Zone 4, the largest zone in the city. I don’t understand how you can mention crime and not include statistics for Zone 4. One of our problems is that the mayor’s 24/24 security are 7 full time zone 4 policemen that are assigned to guard the mayor exclusively. And their salaries are charged to the Zone 4 budget, not the city budget! So what are the statistics for zone 4?

  6. […] Atlanta Unfiltered has crime ticking up dramatically, too. […]

  7. Sheryl Wolfe says:

    The city can’t even keep their website safe and secure (either it is down or doesn’t allow MAC users to access it).

    But, yeah, uhuh, I feel safe.

  8. […] the case of these recent numbers (e.g. the “year over year” variety), Jim Walls has an insightful analysis that shows exactly where pockets of crime are up in certain policed “zones” of the […]