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John Thompson, DNR asst. financial director, $109,900: ‘I do nothing’


From a July 16 report of the Georgia Inspector General’s office, looking at allegations involving the Department of Natural Resources:

“John Thompson has been a DNR employee for the past 29 years.  He served as the Chief of Operations for State Parks until March 2008.  As the Chief of Operations, he supervised 1200 employees and held major responsibilities. In March of 2008, he transferred to the Budget Office as an Assistant Director of Financial Services reporting directly to Bonner.  Because of his transfer, Thompson received a 22% salary increase.  According to Thompson, at the time of his transfer Bonner informed him that he would be supervising employees.  However, when asked if he did, Thompson stated, “I don’t supervise, Bonner supervises, it’s more of a fictitious type of arrangement.”  He stated that all he has done is implementation plans and work with the strategic planning team.  During his interview Thompson flippantly stated, “I do nothing.”





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2 Responses to “John Thompson, DNR asst. financial director, $109,900: ‘I do nothing’”

  1. waitaminit says:

    This is the same state agency that picked up the white former DeKalb Parks director (under Lianne Levitan) when she was replaced and demoted by the Vernon Jones admininstration.

    There is a pending lawsuit regarding racial hiring and firing (pending for 5 years) brought by the former white director and three other demoted employees, one black who refused to do Jones’ dirty work.

    As reported on this website, the black Parks Director hired by Jones was fired three weeks ago by new CEO Burrell Ellis.

    Sure is lots of state Parks Dept personnel news these days, even if only indirectly related.

    Or is it indirectly related? Hmmmm..

  2. JB says:

    and now the state appeals court has ruled in favor of the “former white director and 3 other demoted employees”. Imagine that….. reverse discrimination coming from Vernon Jones. Maybe someone at the state agency saw a grave injustice being done to someone because of their color and used their means to right this terrible wrong. Nothing new about that move causeits been happening for 25 years here in Atlanta.

    You can bet if the colors were reversed lots of people would be screaming.

    What goes around comes around.

    And that fact of life doesn’t resort to the color of ones skin to play out.

    Its called patronage and crooked politicians have been using since TeaPot Dome.