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11 lawmakers nudged into filing financial disclosures?


Eleven state legislators have filed their 2008 financial disclosures since we pointed out Monday that they had missed the July 1 deadline.

Good job, guys.

ralph hudgensThe latest filers are: Sens. Ralph Hudgens (R-Hull, at right) and Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock), as well as Reps. Stephen Allison (R-Blairsville,) Clay Cox (R-Atlanta), Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell), Mark Hamilton (R-Cumming), Carolyn Hugley (D-Columbus), Roger Lane (R-Darien), Randy Nix (R-LaGrange), Wendell Willard (R-Sandy Springs) and Mark Williams (R-Jesup).

The disclosure statements — which include their employers, business and real estate holdings — may be viewed at the State Ethics Commission’s Web site.

That’s 11 down and 26 to go.

We’re still waiting on these gentlemen and ladies to file disclosure reports:

State Senate:

Jeff Chapman (R-Brunswick)
Valencia Seay (D-Riverdale)
David Shafer (R-Duluth)
Curt Thompson (D-Tucker)
Steve Thompson (D-Marietta)
Dan Weber (R-Dunwoody)

State House of Representatives:

Lee Anderson (R-Groveton)
Rick Austin (R-Demorest)
Roger Bruce (D-Atlanta)
Bob Bryant (D-Garden City)
Toney Collins (D-Conyers)
Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates)
Winfred Dukes (D-Albany)
Hugh Floyd (D-Norcross)
Carol Fullerton (D-Albany)
Michael Harden (R-Toccoa)
Keith Heard (D-Athens)
Henry “Wayne” Howard (D-Augusta)
Sheila Jones (D-Atlanta)
David Lucas (D-Macon)
John Meadows (R-Calhoun)
William Quincy Murphy (D-Augusta)
Jay Shaw (D-Lakeland)
Calvin Smyre (D-Columbus)
Tom Weldon (R-Ringgold)
Al Williams (D-Midway)





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6 Responses to “11 lawmakers nudged into filing financial disclosures?”

  1. Montana L says:

    Man, Atlanta Unfiltered works.

  2. hmm says:

    Why so many democrats. 18? What are they waiting for?

  3. karla drenner says:

    please note that the above story is incorrect:

    This is confirmation that Karla Lea Drenner has filed a CCDR Report with the State Ethics Commission.

    The following is to acknowledge the submission and receipt of your electronic filing.

    Report: 2009 June 30th – Non-Election Year
    Submitted: 7/8/2009 4:00:36 PM
    Thank you for filing with the State Ethics Commission.
    Confirmation Number: C200600026922937

    Thank you for filing with the State Ethics Commission.
    Confirmation Number: C200600026922937

  4. […] The following State Legislators have not filled out their required 2008 financial disclosures. If some of these people are in your district, you should email them and let them know that you want them to file their disclosures. […]

  5. Jim Walls says:

    Ms. Drenner,
    The report in question is a Personal Financial Disclosure Report, which must be filed every year by July 1 to disclose certain real estate and business holdings and sources of income. The report referenced in your comment is a CCDR (Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report), which is not the same thing.

  6. Domenico says:

    we pay all those yahoos,big bucks and perks, to renersept us and they shirk their duty so that their name isn’t attached to the B.S. that will come out of the committee. If it isn’t un-Constitutional, it is Immoral and should be rejected by both parties! Where are those, who will really renersept the will of the people, instead of their own Idealogical views and special interests. As usual the working American citizen is shown to the back of the bus, and told to sit down and shutup!