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Cancer Fund of America execs: $537,981 for father, 3 sons


The Better Business Bureau has cautioned donors that a cancer charity soliciting in Georgia spends only a fraction of what it collects on patients, the AJC reports today.

The rest, tax records show, pretty much goes to charity executives and to professional fund-raisers to raise more money.

The Cancer Fund of America paid $537,981 to the president, two of his sons and a son-in-law in 2007, tax records show. The breakdown:

— $242,922 James Reynolds Sr., president

— $131,107 James Reynolds Jr. (son), vice president

— $94,252 Joshua Loveless (son-in-law), fund-raising

— $69,700 Michael Reynolds (son), hospice care

The charity also made low-interest, 4 percent loans to the elder Reynolds and to Rose Perkins, a former vice president, tax records show. The organization told the IRS the loaned funds had been converted from payments on abolished insurance policies. Reynolds owed $276,000 on the loan at end of 2007 and Perkins owed $166,000.

kia amantiCancer Fund also bought several new cars for charity employees, including a Kia Amanti, an Optima, a Sedona and a Sportage SUV. At one point, the charity had car payments of $3,430 a month.

The charity sold two of the cars less than a year after purchase at a loss of nearly $10,000, records show.

Overall, the charity reported pulling in nearly $8.9 million in donations in 2007. Of that, $7.3 million was spent on professional fund-raisers and nearly $1.2 million on salaries and benefits.

Nearly $3.4 million in in-kind contributions of toiletries, nutrition drinks, DVDs and cassettes, medical equipment and other items. Such in-kind donations constituted the bulk of the charity’s generosity.

Direct cash awards to patients amounted to $2,900. Other cash grants and allocations amounted to $63,244, including $50,000 that the charity was ordered to pay to the Georgia Cancer Coalition for fund-raising irregularities.

The charity’s stated purpose: “to provide direct financial aid and other support and services to financially indigent cancer patients; to disseminate information concerning the early detection and prevention of cancer; to provide grants and gifts in kind to hospices, other health care providers, and to various non-profit community service organizations which aid the ill, needy and infants.”





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4 Responses to “Cancer Fund of America execs: $537,981 for father, 3 sons”

  1. Matt J. Duffy says:

    That is freakin’ unbelievable! $2900 to cancer patients? I’m flummoxed!

  2. Robert Chaney says:

    After reading about the CEO and his sons and how much actully go to cancer patients, please take my name and phone number off your call list. You will not get any more money from me.

  3. billy jack says:

    f****** c*** roachesyou come people make me f****** sick piece of f****** s*** just saw a report on CNN going to pass the word around you f****** rip offhow in the hell do you live with yourself you and your dadran away from the reporter like a little p**** in your truck your time I take out the dead beat the f*** out of you and leave you a drop of waterthank God for America freedom of speech I can use you sick f****** bastard epic heartless bastardsjust want to express how I feelguys going to say you’re right downstairs man right next to Satan

  4. Wanda says:

    My father, a retired police officer was in remission of cancer for a year.2 months ago he got word that it had returned well in the hospital.A week later he had passed due to the severity of the cancer. I didn’t get to say good bye to my father.The struggle for him with having to deal with colon cancer was extremely hard. He was a man that was so strong, who protected people and jeopardizing his life every time he walked out the door.To see my father cry because the people he loved so much,now had to help him was very over whelming. It is a memory I will never for get.My dad passed exactly 6 years and 3 days after my mother.
    To use a charitable organization like cancer discusses me. You use this to pull at people, who are watching their love ones deteriorate slowly and painfully or people that have lost family members to cancer. It is scum like you that my father had a pride in taking off the street.

    Here is a father, ex wife, sons, oh and lets not forget his wife,who are in life to scam people.
    Hey James !! great way to raise your kids, you should be so proud.Was your father a con artist too. The best thing that could happen to you is you,you’re sons,ex wife and daughter in law be locked up with hard criminals.and the key thrown away. Even that wouldn’t be to good enough for you and your fraudulent family members.God forbid, you have gran-babies that you are teaching this to.
    Question ? Did your son James Jr. buy that nice truck he drove off in well giving the finger to the reporter with donations > Oh never mind I know the answer to that yes sir he did.

    Now that CNN has leaked this information everyone around the world will know what scum bags your family are. I live in Canada and watch CNN because I use to live in the States.You will never be able to go anywhere because people will now know your face and name.

    Oh and by the way,I hope you never have a family member that has cancer, because good luck with that and trying to get help cause no one after watching CNN will ever be willing to help your sadistic,selfish,self-centered,money hungry,heartless, satanic family as yours.