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DeKalb blog: ‘Decrepit … disgusting’ conditions at Cross Keys HS


cross keys graffiti

Cross Keys High School was scheduled for a complete makeover in SPLOST II, the DeKalb school system’s last cycle of project funded by local sales taxes. Other projects ran over budget, and Cross Keys was passed by.

Now, DeKalb County School Watch has posted a commentary and photo essay on the campus on North Druid Hills Road. The students, the blog’s writer found, do not deserve “this decrepit, depressing, disgusting, unhealthy old dinosaur of a school house.”

Among the observations:

Homeless people have been trespassing (and urinating and defecating) on the grounds of Cross Keys High School! 

There are huge plywood panels lining the fencing which are covered in graffiti. The fencing is mangled on all sides, the sidewalks and buildings are certainly ripe for condemnation and in FAR worse shape than Open Campus. There are broken windows which have been finally replaced with some kind of plastic. …

You should be able to see the crumbling, messy, leaky areas in many of the buildings. There is a photo of an old television monitor. These dinosaurs were recently given to the teachers so that students could actually watch Channel 1 News. 

There is also a shot of a switch in the ceiling that says “high, low, on, off” – this is how teachers work their AC in the classrooms – they must go out into the hallway and poke a yardstick into the ceiling tile, hopefully mashing the button they want. 

Additionally, there are photos of giant interior AC units with freaky silver ductwork flowing to the outside. There’s a dead, overgrown “garden” swarming with yellow jackets, broken windows, sidewalks, tiles, and doors. There’s an interesting behemoth steel box from the 60’s that serves as a “lift” down the stairs for handicapped students. 

The blog questions whether the student body’s demographic — largely Hispanic immigrants — has played a role in the school board’s inaction on Cross Keys. Regardless, the post concludes:

Our board reps need to put all other projects on hold until they do something about Cross Keys. This has become a complete embarrassment.

See for yourself.





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6 Responses to “DeKalb blog: ‘Decrepit … disgusting’ conditions at Cross Keys HS”

  1. Mike says:

    This isn’t surprising, but it’s still sad. This is why people in the ‘burbs won’t move back itp.

  2. ElenaLisvato says:

    Thank you for your help!

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