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GA Democratic Party reports 11% dip in fund-raising


anne cox chambers

The Georgia Democratic Party collected about 11 percent less in the first half of 2009 than it did in the same period in 2007.

The party’s latest financial disclosure, filed Thursday afternoon, shows the party raised $603,704 so far this year. That compares to $681,377 in 2007, the period right after their nominee Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor took a thumping in the governor’s race.

Georgia’s Republican Party has also reported fund-raising is down this year, by 25 percent. ( I have adjusted that number to reflect donations of $100 or less, which I overlooked earlier because they were not itemized. My bad.)  But the GOP has more than $2.2 million cash on hand. Dems have just $323,000, and they also have a $118,000 debt outstanding.

The most generous Democratic donors in this cycle:

$27,000    Donna Adams Curling, wife of former ChoicePoint president Doug Curling
$27,000    Georgia Association of Realtors PAC
$25,000    Anne Cox Chambers (above), billionaire (and my former boss at the AJC)
$21,000    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
$20,000    Civil Justice PAC (Georgia Trial Lawyers Association)
$20,000    Hospital Corporation of America PAC
$12,500    Butler, Wooten, Fryhofer, Daughtery, and Crawford LL
$10,500    Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
$10,000    Aflac Inc.
$10,000    Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals
$10,000    Georgia State AFL-CIO
$10,000    Progressive Employment Legislation PAC
$10,000    Troutman Sanders LLP

In case you were wondering, the State Ethics Commission’s Web site has no disclosure reports for the Georgia Libertarian Party since 2006, when they had a little more than $15,000 in the bank.





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