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GA GOP fund-raising down 29%, but more cash on hand


Georgia’s Republican Party has reported raised $684,741 this year. That’s down 29 percent from the amount raised in the first six months of 2007 (the last off-election year).

On the other hand, the party reported $2.2 million in the bank. That’s about four times as much as the state GOP had on hand two years ago at this time.

bernard marcusThe Georgia Democratic Party, as of late Friday, hadn’t filed its 2009 financial report yet.

The biggest single donors, at $50,000, were Bernie (right) and Wilma Marcus. Otherwise, most of the most generous GOP contributors this year are the usual suspects:

$25,000 Aflac
$25,000 ComSouth Corp.
$25,000 Georgia Association of Realtors
$20,000 UPS
$13,567 Doubletree-Minneapolis
$11,250 Christine Timme, CEO of Smart Samantha and FinListic Solutions
$10,000 Coca-Cola
$10,000 Delta Air Lines
$10,000 Flowers Foods
$10,000 Georgia Dental Association
$10,000 Lockheed Martin Corp.
$10,000 J. Clay Newman, CEO of Integrated Power Solutions
$10,000 Norfolk Southern Corp.

The deep pockets come in handy. Otherwise, who would pay for the Republicans’ Blackberries? Latest filings show the state party paid $17,976 in Blackberry fees so far in ’09. (That figure, too, is down from 2007, when the party spent $25,195 in six months on crackberries.)

(PAC Watch will be monitoring campaign finance reports filed by political action committees in Georgia.)





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2 Responses to “GA GOP fund-raising down 29%, but more cash on hand”

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  2. Prafulla says:

    You might think Americans would learn. Not just from this incident, or the same kind of inntcedis over the last few decades; but from the same kind of inntcedis over the last centuries since we became a nation.I can’t think of one values crusade that wasn’t destroyed by the behavior of its own membership.Hypocrisy is natural to humans.Even Jefferson and other founding fathers preached equality and freedom, while being slave owners.Americans have elected convicted felons to office.Obama should be winning by a landslide, unfortunately, he may lose.The stupidity of the electorate is a part of our history, and no longer surprises me.