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Maybe fate landed Merle Temple in Memphis. After all, the former Georgia deputy school superintendent professes a love of Elvis. … and a few other things.

But he won’t be seeing Graceland anytime soon, even if it is just 18 miles away. Temple is serving an 8-year federal prison sentence for a scheme to award $600,000 in bogus computer contracts and funnel much of the money to the failed gubernatorial bid of former Superintendent, and former lover, Linda Schrenko.

After Temple pleaded guilty, prosecutors said he tried to obstruct justice by offering to tailor his testimony to help Schrenko and giving her lawyer a list of questions that could hurt the prosecution’s case.

His time in the pokey hasn’t been uneventful. About a year ago, he posted an online pen pal request at INMATE Classified. He writes of his love of rainbows, Elvis, and “especially women, God’s greatest creation.” He mentions his wife of 37 years died while he was in prison.

The only reference to the criminal charges? “I was caught up in a campaign for Governor, and tried too hard to get someone elected.”

The 61-year-old’s release is scheduled for October 2013, a few months after Schrenko’s.





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