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Arthur Ferdinand: $325,846


Fulton County’s tax commissioner. He earns a base pay of $124,105, but also pockets $200,000 in additional fees from Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Johns Creek for collecting those cities’ taxes, according to Richard Belcher’s excellent report on WSB-TV.





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3 Responses to “Arthur Ferdinand: $325,846”

  1. A Ferdinand says:

    Funny. I’m his son (oddly enough, also named Arthur), and the day you posted this (6/13) is actually my birthday. One of us should have played the lottery that day.

  2. A Ferdinand says:

    [blank post to correct email address for follow-up]

  3. Grant says:

    Seems like we could get some real talent at that salary and get the system online instead if in line…. And mailing out the license plate selection letters seems like something you would do at a church or social club and not for a whole county. What a waste.

    Georgians deserve better and looks like there are some cost savings, but when you are paid like a CEO, I guess you act like one and spend your days maintining the status quo.