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Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries chairman: $299,000


President and chairman of In Touch Ministries. His compensation for the year ending Sept. 30, 2007, was in addition to his undisclosed salary as pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta.





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91 Responses to “Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries chairman: $299,000”

  1. W.D Taylor says:

    Am appalled by this extravagance, Christians continue to be duped by these wolves in sheep clothing. No wonder his wife divorced him, figured out he wasn’t real. Still Love Jesus, just find it hard to love the greedy.

  2. Chris Hookland says:

    Jesus said many are called but few are chosen

  3. Matt says:

    His ministry takes in over 72 million a year, if he was the ceo of a major corp. he would be referred for his small salary. Who knows maybe FBC Atl does not pay him? From his sermons he truly is a man of God.

  4. aelisha says:

    Dr. stanley is a true man of God.

  5. Jason says:

    You think he makes a lot, try his li’l boy Andy. There’s nothing wrong with them making money off of preaching the Word. There’s a clear precedent for it in the Bible. Jesus, after all, was filthy rich and earned a significant salary as the Son of God. His life is clearly modeled as a business leader, so it’s only fair that the Stanley men rake in millions.

  6. Russ Miller says:

    Gee, I wonder where you get your facts? If Dr. Stanley does indeed receive near $300,000 compensation per year then as far as I am concerned he is a real bargain. He is worth a lot more than that – and secondly, if he has saved even one life? (easy to assume at least that) then his near $300,000 compensation has more than paid for itself with that one life, or and salvation alone. Dr. Stanley is one of a kind…..and we should all be thankful for his wisdom and ministry….regardless of his compensations. He is priceless. If there are any abuses he and the ministry will be accountable. I trust God for His direction with this ministry. Being a minister or pastor is not an easy job…it requires much sacrifice – not to mention the higher degree of accountability to God.

  7. Jesse Martin says:

    My life changed when I heard Stanley on TV two years ago and I became a genuine born-again believer in Christ after years and years of going down my own road. Thank you Father God, for using Stanley to get to me. Thank you Father God for allowing me to hear his teaching every morning on, that is after I pray and get in the word myself. God is good, Stanley is a man of God, people should be careful to call him a wolf. Such should examine themselves and work out their salvation with fear and trembling and …. read their Bible.

  8. Employee says:

    Well, I work for his ministry and he only makes around $120,000 from In Touch Ministries. Look it up, it is public record and yes the church pays him also, so maybe total he makes around $299.000 combined. Also, that is a meager salary for being President of a company that takes in $75,000,000 a year and has over 200 employees and a worldwide presence and offices. The man works almost every day of the year and he is almost 80 years old. He is truly a man of God and is not in it for the money. He lives a very humble lifestyle as well. Just because you are a preacher doesn’t mean you should not be rewarded for your hard work.

  9. Sanjay says:

    If he were this or if he were that THEN… the thing is, he’s NOT this or that, he’s a pastor – a man who should model his life after his Christ.

    It’s sad that you can only justify his greed by comparing him and his organization to for-profit corporations. Do you not see the irony in this? Using this line of reasoning, you could also say “if he was a drug dealer, he would be making a lot more.”

    In the end, it will not matter. The money he keeps for himself could have gone to many useful and needful things in the world. His God will judge him so there’s no purpose in doing so myself.

  10. liberty sta ana says:


  11. kai says:

    I call it hypocrisy. these pastors televangelist preach SELF DENIAL yet they want to be paid $100,000 / year.

    I heard charles stanley say ‘if you want to be successful, make the other person successful’ but he is paid $300,000 / year

    where does it say in the bible that they should be paid with this amount in the $100,000s? and where did the money come from when they say ‘ LET US GIVE OUR OFFERING TO GOD’

  12. rosie Frost says:

    Jesus is the judge and everyone will stand before him for his or herself alone. we are not walking in obedience when we judge one another.right or wrong God is looking at everything and we would be wise not to judge anyone after all there is punishment for that.

  13. scott says:

    Who knows how much he gives to charity and gives away that is not recorded. He deserves much more. Yes ,it is a non-profit organization but he is the CEO. It is a multimillion dollar organization becuase of him. What is a fair salary for a man that runs such a successful organization? I think much more thank 300K.

  14. Nomatchgrl says:

    I watch and listen to Dr. Charles Stanley faithfully. I understand the comments on this board by both views; however, there is nothing wrong with someone reaping the BLESSINGS of teaching the word of God. In today’s day in age, there is what is called payroll. If this were 100 years ago, the town would have passed around a hat and people would have placed pennies in it, for the pastor to “live on”. Dr. Charles Stanley has a very large viewing audience, which is IN FACT due to further blessings from God and Jesus, thus hereby giving him a larger “payroll” to live his life by. None of us can condemn a man for making profit for his ministry for several obvious reasons. The calculations of 2009, have his net assets of about $78,000,000.00 and after expenses, a net asset of over $3,000,000.00. His $299,000.00 a year is pennies in the hat that is passed around the world. Is it his fault, the InTouch Ministries makes a lot and he is paid what he is paid? His teachings are the TRUEST AND THE CLOSEST to Jesus’ own teachings of ALL the evangelists or pastors I’ve ever heard and I would have the MILLIONS of people who watch and listen to back me up on that. The real lesson here isn’t what amt. ends up in the hat. The real lesson is when you listen to him, you hear the true Word of God being spoken. For those concerned with his paystub, perhaps that is just the enemy trying to get you carried into an area completely off that of which is meant to lead you to…….the gospel of Jesus Christ being spoken in it’s truest form, both from the New AND the Old Testament. Dr. Charles Stanley teaches what other evangelists (and I use that term lightly with him) do not! He teach that, God loves us, Jesus died for us and is our sole salvation and TO OBEY GOD. This is something that others do not include in their teachings, thus the term “false prophets” is used. Further, Dr. Charles Stanley told a story once in one of his sermons that when they were wishing for the land they are on now for build/parking lot, a lot of people were handing him things to sell, like wedding rings and such. He himself took his only beloved tangible thing in which to sell, his camera equipment, and he pawned it. He knows sacrafice. The above statements are FACTS and true. Dr. Charles Stanley has a powerful ministry with a powerful resource behind it, and we all know just Who that is.

  15. harry craft says:

    if charles stanley is not a true man of God,there exist no such person,praise the almighty God for raising up such a powerful witness for himself

  16. Laline Bagley says:

    I have been following Dr. Stanleys teachings through his sermons and his books for 25years. I have learned more about God’s word and christian living from them than any other preacher I have ever heard. I thank the Lord for a man like him who preaches the word so clearly even I can understand it. As for as the reported salary goes I think he is worth every cent of it and then some.
    Laline Bagley

  17. Charles Stark says:

    I agree most people on him defend his salary based on business for profit models. I have no problem with him making money. If he takes money and invest it and it turns into millions I would have no problem. However, in my opinion Jesus would look down on anyone making a lot of money using his name and the word of God to do so.

  18. James T. Beckham says:

    Dr. Charles F. Stanley is truly God’s servant and God has blessed me and millions of others greatly with His ministry through Dr. Stanley and In Touch Ministries for 35 years as they lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and strengthening the local church. It’s a very humbling experience to be a small part of this great work of God. May God continue to bless their service for His Kingdom.

  19. steve of says:

    $300,000 is before taxes.
    Then we don’t know how much he spends on his own helping poor.

    Lets compare him to the tv evangelists that have jet plan and $100,000 cars and 2 mansions.

    I can’t believe you think this is a lot of money. The president of the usa makes this measly sum for running the country. Dr. Stanley is running a huge country for God.

    You also have to take into account his experience. Yes he probably started poor even and he obviously doesn’t care about money. He could easily do speaking engagements charging $25,000 a speech.

    Lets look at Fannie Mae who paid all their execs over 1 million and they destroyed out country.

    No my friend $300,000 is not that much for someone his Dr. Stanleys credentials.

  20. jerry fork says:

    I can tell you they (he) could be charged with exploiting the elderly. My mother has given thousands of dollars to this man. Do you think that when she need nursing care they are going to step in pay for her care because now she has given away her money. It is that self denial pitch again. She will get an ego booster form letter that makes her think this outfit could not get along with out her donation, and at the bottom of the letter is another donation slip. Plus a phone call and once or maybe several times C.S. sent three of their team employees to her very basic trailer home to get more money out of her (96)yrs old. BY the way my mother is extememly eccentric and suffers from demensia. C.S. should be sending her money to buy incontence pads.

  21. Micki Pike says:

    I have often watched Dr. Stanley when my mother was alive and could no longer attend church. She always enjoyed watching him and enjoyed his sermons. She felt he was always teaching the truth. It hurts to know that his employees would go to her trailer to get more money out of her at age 96 years. How sad. I don’t want to judge him, but I want to express my terrible disappointment after reading the comment from this section.He certainly seems different than someone like Jim Bakker who is always selling something on his programs instead of teaching the word of God and winning souls.

  22. CELESTE says:

    I have been watching Dr. Stanley for years. He teaches SOUND DOCTRINE. Did you ever notice that any items he makes available for purchase are very reasonably priced? $14-$39? I noticed that other “ministries” charge ridiculous prices for books, dvd’s, etc., around $100! Joel Osteen lives in a 17 thousand square foot house and preaches fluff and has never been to seminary. Look at Jan & Paul Crouch from TBN, look at Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, look up their homes online! I make a blessed salary, about half of Dr. Stanley’s, an I am very grateful to my father in heaven. I don’t say, well, I deserve it, I have worked my way here. Dr. Stanley’s salary is nothing. I know pastor’s salaries in our city which is very small who make more! What do you guys want this man to make? Nothing? If our teachings were only of the true lovers of Christ like Dr. Stanley, Adrian Rogers, my friend Paul Walker of our town and my pastor Dale Thompson of First Baptist Church of Fort Smith, the world would know the TRUTH OF THE WORD. I have to say I am disappointed with Matthew Hagee for consorting with the likes of Benny Hinn and Paul Crouch. I thought he was better than that.

  23. alou says:

    I thank God for Dr. Stanley’s ministry. I have been receiving the Intouch Magazine free of charge since 2007. Because of the magazine I have known Christ better, learned the importance of the word of God, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I am very happy that Dr. Stanley is not in it for the money because I am not financially able to support the ministry; yet I am still receiving the magazine that I depend on so dearly. Thank you Dr. Stanley for teaching me to obey God and leave all the consequences to Him. May the Lord continue to smile over you:)

  24. Amanda says:

    First, if you were real christians, you would know better. All I see here is pure jealousy. Satan obviously lives inside you!

    We are not to judge anybody as the rich may be made rich by God. Dont forget that all we have belongs to God.

    And you know what? Let’s say they are not sincere. You still can trust God that nobody will remain unpunished for what they have done.

    Mind your own business and focus on God. There are much more important things in life than how much someone earn per year!

  25. John says:

    Well said, Amanda.

  26. Christine says:

    Amanda, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    However, I must say I too have had eyebrows raised at some of the goings on in the tv evg. world. I have had jelaous thoughts enter my mind too, but I CHOOSE to move my eyes back on Jesus and remind myself – the only one to gain anythng form judging others is Satan, and I will not give him the satisfaction.

    God bless you dear,

  27. jennifer says:

    my dear brothers and sisters
    wether you believe or not Dr is a man of God, he knows why he is in this world. and fulfil God’s purposes

    did you take few minutes to ask why you are here? did you or I fulfill the God’s purpose in my/our lives?
    Lets look to Jesus! other stuff are just passing by

    thanks Amanda and Christine!

  28. Roger says:

    No matter what you think of his sermons he is not in charge of a corporation, unless he has turned the salvation from the Lord into a money making machine. Freely you have received freely give. For his efforts he has received his reward. The old lady volunteering to pass out punch at Church will receive a greater reward.

  29. Kathleen says:

    I have read most of your posts. Who is the idiot that wrote the initial statement? What does he get paid to create dissension and unrest? Do we actually need more distrust of our fellow man? How long did Dr. Stanley have to study to become the teacher he is today? How much do you think he paid for that education? If his motivation was greed, he would be a corporate executive planning more ways to cheat their customers, poison our food and environment, or buy political favors. Do you agree with what they are paid annually, including their bonuses and perks? Give me a break. Dr. Stanley is held more accountable in the eyes of God than any normal Christian. He has taken on the task of being a teacher. That carries a heavier burden in that the Bible says a teacher will be severely punished for misrepresenting the Word of God. His job is unending, demanding, and he is under a great deal of pressure from both the public and self imposed. The writer needs to grow up, get a real education, and try to do something positive with his life to improve the world we live in. Make changes, don’t just sit on your behind and try to find things to complain about and give lip service to.

  30. Jim Walls says:

    I am the idiot that wrote the initial statement. I get paid nothing. The statement expresses no opinion, just states a fact that was taken from a publicly available tax form. As a matter of law, tax-exempt organizations must make information on major expenditures available to the public. Transparency, though it may be limited, is the trade-off these organizations make so they can avoid paying taxes (and the rest of us can pay just that little bit more).

  31. Jordan says:

    You people are nothing but a bunch of cattle. You all are being controlled and munipulated by people who use the bible for their own gain. They pray on the weak minded who are scared of life and are scared of what happens when they die, so they turn to someone who promises everlasting love and life with a heaven filled with angels and people you love who have passed on. Really? It’s time to wake up. Giving tithes and offerings aka money, does not bless you, it lines the pockets of these preachers. Charles Stanley is worth MILLIONS and he probably pays his attorneys a lot of money to keep his actual wealth hidden from the public.

  32. jim ross says:

    …the apostle Paul should have been a multi-millionaire…

  33. Kent Urbine says:

    Dr. Stanley is the best. He speaks the truth and the people who watch him are so blessed to receive the wisdom and learn the ways of God he teaches.

    Do you ever see him ask for money? I gladly send In Touch money as it takes money for them to stay on the air. There is no doubt a lot of so called Preechers who use God to make money for their lifestyle but Dr. Stanley is not one of them.

  34. Miriam says:

    For many years Dr. Stanley has been a source of encouragement and spiritual knowledge to me through the In Touch Magazine. His teachings have helped me to develop spiritual wisdom, discernment, and understanding. His ministries have touched millions around the world!!

    I would image that most of the current spiritual leaders who have a broad
    outreach and influence make a fairly substantial income!!

  35. Penny says:

    Dr. Stanley’s salary is a little off-putting, but I didn’t see if someone has a record of his tithings totals for the year. That is important. But we must remember that Christ said it would be harder for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter into the gates of Heaven. If we knew his lifesyle and spending habits it would be a more accurate gauge.

    But more disturbing is his choice of a bible. The NIV is published by those that also publish the Satanic Bible. It is erroneous and corrupts the word of God as found in the King James Version, which is the only reliable source.

    I have researched some of the organizations Dr. Stanley has been involved in and I must say I am less than impressed. I guess it isn’t for us to judge but it is our duty to rubuke those we find in Christian error. There is also the little matter of his divorce. I find that more than disturbing. God strictly forbids such a thing.

  36. Anna Lauren says:

    Your vile attacking of this man of God makes me sick to the stomach. You obviously have no knowledge of what the Bible says about paying Pastors and Ministers.

    In 1 Timothy 5:17-18 it says “17 Church leaders who do their job well deserve to be paid twice as much, especially if they work hard at preaching and teaching. 18 It is just as the Scriptures say, “Don’t muzzle an ox when you are using it to grind grain.” You also know the saying, “Workers are worth their pay.”

    Just remember, one day YOU will stand before God Almighty and have to answer for every lie, every evil thought, every time you have blasphemed the Name of God, and every time you have said something against one of God’s anointed people – and that includes Dr Stanley. So I would be very, very careful if I were you.

  37. olive potts says:

    I believe that on judgement day….we will be asked only one question by our Lord and that is this. ” What did you do with what I gave you?”. And we will have to answer that question without the benefit of using any other person in answering God. So the care taken every day by every Christian is- am I using what God gave me so one day I can tell him face to face he answer to what he will ask me.?
    You can quote all sorts of scripture but if you think on this one question you will be set straight for life.

  38. don says:

    I can’t believe it that people on here is questioning the salary of 300,000 Dr. Charles Stanley make from his ministry. This is a very small amount for the work he does in his church given the fact of all the books (42) this man wrote over the many years as a pastor. This is truely a man of God and his message is so powerful because he truely speak a message from God with all his sermons.

  39. mike says:

    When I was growing up I learned there are the haves and have nots.
    the rich and the poor. We see a lot of the haves in our government
    and media. They forget where they started. Smug, a term? Because the money is security. I’ve read the bible about being rich.
    And who gets into heaven and who doesn’t. Does money indeed corrupt? It’s interesting what people who have money do with it.
    They could easily call it quits and retire. But the inclination is, get more and more of it. The bible says it never satisfies. And they never quit.
    I won’t return to this post. It’s sad what has happened to Charles Stanley. He has preached against tongues. I don’t think there are any pages that should be torn out and disregarded. And preached against.
    Paul spoke in tongues, more than us all. God Bless, Charles Stanley and his ex..Anna.

  40. Trey says:

    He generates millions, employs hundreds, preaches truth to countless millions, and receives a sliver of what he could justly receive. On top of that, you have no idea how he spends his personal money, what he does with it or how much of it goes to charity and other worthy causes. What’s more, it’s none of your business. Why do people find pleasure in trying to tear down men of God? Even cruel comments about his wife leaving him. Sad.

  41. Michelle says:

    Jim Walls,
    I am just curious, before I comment on anything else here…Are you a Christian?
    Thank you.

  42. Jim Walls says:

    What difference would that make?

  43. Rex Arthur says:

    King James Bible – Cambridge Edition – Isaiah 45:7

    “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

    Would have to put Pastor Stanley on the dark side of the force. Possibly, based on the verse, he is doing the Lord’s Will.

    As a missionary kid, whose home environment ranged from a mission in Duluth Minnesota to a parsonage in the Grand Caymans, I formed my own view of the Christian Spirit by observing my parents. Financial self aggrandizemement is not part of that Spirit.

    I find inspiration in individuals like the Salvation Army’s Commissioner Todd Bassett who reportedly receives $13,000 (and housing) a year to manage a 3 billion dollar organization. Forbes Magazine “exposed” Basset as receiving $175,000 annually. Still, I’d put him on the side of light as head of an organization that gives more than it takes, providing bread instead of promises.

    Got to give it to Stanley, he’s good. Really liked the part where you shouldn’t consider the percent of your income but give to God because He is the most important Person in your life. That certainly will loosen the old purse strings. So, do what you think is right but donate to an organization that actually embodies the Christian Spirit. Do some research.

  44. Aimond Teico says:

    The LORD is both True Love and Righteous Judge. We men are but only loved save by true love. We are to love one another and it is what we were made to be, in the Image, very Image of YAHWEH. I myself value the wisdom of this man and not what he has done, for if the story is true, The LORD knows but I can only pray for peace and healing for his family and ministry. Jesus said in the Gospels, hear the teachings of these men (pharisees) but do not follow what they do.
    May the peace and the love of God overflows from our hearts, God bless.

  45. Anthony says:

    Dr. Stanley is the only tv minister that I think has a true and honest message about god. If he makes money at that so be it. Your doctor gets paid whether you get healed or not. And a lot more per year than a man who tries to save your soul. And by the way, he is 80 years old and works his tail off for god. I wish I were one tenth the man he is today.

  46. Eva says:

    I started watching Intouch Ministries approx. 21 years ago. All of my life I had attended church, but when I discovered Dr. Stanley,s ministry, I learned what Christianity really is. Dr. Stanley has really inhanced my knowledge of God and Christian living..

  47. Victoria says:

    I can truly feel the Holy Spirit’s presence while hearing Dr. Stanley’s sermons. He is no doubt a man after God’s own heart. The Lord wants to bless us. The Bible tells us that when we tithe and/or give over that ten percent that we will be so blessed that we will need storage houses to hold our blessings from God. I believe Dr. Stanley’s wardrobe will be plentiful in gemstones as described biblically. I find it very difficult to swallow about the story of the 96 yr old woman having 3 men that work for Dr. Stanley showing up at her home to collect money from her. Plz be more convincing if you are able. You never know…with all the scams that are present it could be that someone even went through her mail to discover her dedication and sent someone to falsly represent Dr. Stanley.

  48. christopher komakech says:

    Glory be to God.
    I have been watching and reading a lot from Dr. Charles and surely my life has never been the same, his message has not only changed me but many others who have had access to his words ever testifies the blessing in his words.
    He inspires me to be a preacher of the word of God. I feel i cant do without telling my colleagues God’s word.
    I there for recommend that every one should read and watch Dr. Charles Stanley’s teaching, they will never be the same.
    Thanks to In touch Ministries

  49. TM Canada says:

    He is hands down the most effective bible teacher of our time. He’s devoted his life to Christ, has been blessed by the Lord and has been a blessing to myself and countless others. I pray God continues to use him even in his 80’s. The material available on is very fairly priced, my last purchase was 7.99 for a 145 page book that will bless my life for years to come. I don’t believe he’s a greedy man, and deserves what he earns. Its not up to us to judge him or anyone. Also he works like crazy, find me another 80 year old that does that. He could easily demand more than what he makes.

  50. Rex Arthur says:

    A Lamb of God should be without price. Dr. Stanley’s salary would vaccinate and save 800 poor children a year. A Lamb of God should be without arrogance. His doctorate from one of the lowest ranked educational institutions in the nation, Luther Rice Seminary in Florida, reveals deceit in applying the respected “Dr.” before his name. He will be judged in his own time for his exploitation and experience the cleansing of the Holy Wrath inflicted on the money changers who were using God’s Holy Temple in Jerusalem for their own commerical interests.

    So, does the above sounds extreme to you? If Christ told you to spread the word of God, would you ask for $300,000 and inflate your own self-importance and become another “Dr.” Charles Stanley?