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Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries chairman: $299,000


President and chairman of In Touch Ministries. His compensation for the year ending Sept. 30, 2007, was in addition to his undisclosed salary as pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta.





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91 Responses to “Dr. Charles Stanley, In Touch Ministries chairman: $299,000”

  1. Laura says:

    Instead of looking at how much he makes, maybe we should look at how much he gives away. That’s rarely a topic of conversation, but should be. My bet is he gives a LOT away.

  2. pacific nelson says:

    Of course, the fans will justify the amounts these big preachers make…never looking at the FACT that Jesus and the disciples all made little or nothing and truly did ministry…Dr. Stanley caters to a predominately white middle and upper middle crust class of comfy Christians…has “Christian” cruises, and takes photos himself all over the globe…he is living his best life now…Ministry? Hardly…more like CEO living to me…regardless of how much he gives away…most hard working brothers and sisters I know never can afforda cruise of a vacation…how come a preacher can take this kind of salary? Only in the USA!

  3. Ned says:

    I wonder why Dr. Stanley’s yearly salary is not public? I really respect his preaching and think he is a very excellent witness for Jesus but I don’t understand why his salary is not published?

  4. open says:

    i nearly gave 2000 dollars to this fake man. stick with the catholic church!

  5. Dr Agnostic says:

    The trend I notice with such religious groups is this: if it’s a cult, the leader wants to sleep with underage girls (AND get their parents’ money.) If it’s a recognized church ministry, the leader takes home as much money as possible. I don’t think that anyone would fault a minister (TV or otherwise) for making a comfortable living–say about $30k – $50k annually–but that info should be made public, and if the church’s members feel that figure is too high, then the minister takes a pay cut.

    I’m agnostic so I don’t buy the “”Giant Man in the Sky Who Runs the Show” dogma. But there’s no way that any religious leader needs to make $300k a year and live a lavish lifestyle which is solely funded by his donors’ hard work. I’m pretty sure that Jesus didn’t have a TV show that he used to ripoff the elderly by praying on their weaknesses.

  6. Kevin says:

    I don’t understand, we live in a capitalists soceity. When we speak of the people who make a large salaries in the privat investment sector… that is ok. When it come to GOD work and his people the rules changes. Why should we care if, if his organization that he built and his peers feel that it is ok…let him amake a $ 1,000,000 dollars who cares. I believe that the most important thing in soceity is if Dr. Charles Stanley is meeting the need of GOD people and society. We always want to be a judge over people, and that is not our job or responsibilty. If Dr. Stanley made $20,000 a year, you would not here anything said.

    What we should be questioning, is these larege mega churches that collect 10,15,20 millions dollars a years, and don’t pay any taxes, and don’t give back to society or the communites. That is the real crime…these churches are just pimping GOD children/people and the communities. If you receive 10 millions dollars a year and just give away food basket on Christmas and Thankgiving…that is the sin.

    God work said you will reap what you sow, therefore everyone will have to account for there action/life on this side, before CHRIST return.

  7. James Evans says:

    Personally I don’t believe in “mega-churches”. Eventually, they seem to become more of a business
    than a church. For instance, Kenneth Copeland, a fleet of jet planes, net worth of nearly a billion $$,
    false teachings (not from the Bible) and yet people still send him their $$ he materialistic or God fearing ??? You figure it out..Do NOT believe everything you are told by anyone. Search Gods word for the truth.

  8. John Orta says:

    I discovered Dr. Charles F. Stanley , August of 2012….His message , persona , and ministries saved me.

    I now fellowship with God daily and my path is guided in the right direction.

    Since accepting God as my personal savior on September 8, 2012, the following events have happened.

    1-Do not envy peoples net worth or yearly salary
    2-Made Partner at my company
    3-My family and me attend Sunday Service
    4-We read bible together
    5-Company pays for my two vehicles
    6-My salary has doubled in less than a year
    7-All I need to do is get on my knees daily and Leave all the consequences to God

  9. Anderson Turner says:

    Most folks posting here are haters!

    Pray , Meditate and obey and maybe you could be a millionaire , like Dr. Stanley.

    Don’t hate,


  10. Joe says:

    The thing is, with the Federal Reserve devaluing our dollar, he’s actually only making what one hundred years ago would be considered a few
    Thousand a year. Before the central bank’s looting of our finances, you could buy a house for $100 bucks! Who cares what a pastor makes when what WE earn is stolen by our government before we get it, AND stolen from us while we ‘save’ it with inflation and devaluation…..

  11. Cheryl says:

    For the person who said basically that no one has a problem with secular society making tons of money, but for the clergy the rules change: Yes, but IF we conform to this world, is that actually a good thing? The world makes money off of worldly things. Simon the sorcerer wanted to make money off of the Holy Spirit, so have church Pastors since Paul been doing just that?!
    Paul said to GIVE to the people who preach the Word and make sure their needs are met 1 Cor 9:11. and 1 tim 5 says to give double honor to those who teach well, But to have excess as we humans already should know, leads men to greed and NO ONE is immune.
    The scripture that should also keep us in the balance is , If you do not work, you do not eat. The Holy Spirit gets glory alone, we should ALL get busy and work with our own hands, give to the poor and preach the Word and LIVE the Words Jesus spoke. No one should be OUT of His commands to US ALL as the Body of Christ. Organization for group activity such as meeting the needs of our communities need leaders and all divers gifts, but Our rewards still await us. NEVER at any time should anyone in the body go into the promises of God only to be a prodigal and sell the next life’s reward for this temporal one….

  12. Tammy house says:

    God is amazing what he provides for his people , sad he had to go threw a divorce , he is wonderful man of God if people have a problem with Him getting payed well your problem being a pastor is hard , my brother is baptist preacher , continue the hood work dr Stanley we love u

  13. Roy Bell says:

    Dr. Stanley , I believe is a good Christian man. He is not perfect, as there has only been one perfect man, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. God has called on him , and he has obeyed the will of God, and has been blessed for it. A lot of folks do not understand that Christianity teaches us to be happy for our brother’s blessings. I am happy for Dr. Stanley, and I hope God continues to bless him. I also pray that everyone reading this blog will find the security, happiness, and peace that our Lord can give you when you accept the gift of Grace from Christ Jesus. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have everlasting life”

  14. H.L. Holmes says:

    I am from a little town called Shallotte in n.c. and even Dr. Stanley has know idea the things god has worked through him because of his obedience to god.This may sound a little crazy but god has worked many miracles that are documented in my life sense 2009. That year I made the biggest mistake of my life. This put me to my knees and the HOLY SPIRT moved in. I told GOD I needed to talk to him about true repentance and I headed to MT. Mitchell because it was the highest elevation in N.C. I needed GOD to take my heart serious. When my truck got to the overpass at hwy. 17 god told my turn left and go to Atlanta. I never questioned way. I knew god had changed my destination. I knew immediately to go to first Baptist in Atlanta. I had never been there before and knew very little about Dr. Charles Stanley but could not get there fast enough. I arrived in Atlanta Saturday night. Sunday morning I sat through the first service. After that service god told me to go into the book store and buy a book. I had no idea the book I was to buy . I never ask GOD for the name of the book. I just walked in and picked it up. The funny thing about that was that I never read the cover And it was the plainest book cover in the store with a large selection to pick from I knew it was the book GOD had sent me for. I told the lady at the checkout could she please have this book signed by Dr. Stanley. She then told my Dr. Stanleys schedule would not allow him the time in between first and second service to sign books but they could mail it to me on Monday. understanding but a little disappointed. I guess I had forgotten how sent me there. GOD! Before the second service started someone handed me the signed book . I had planed to travel back home on Monday but again, I was told to go home now. when I was very close to home that evening I received a call from the person that I had hurt so badly.I delivered them that GOD hand picked book. and the power of GODS wisdom was awesome!! This is one of many blessings to come from this ministry.I intend to return shortly to Atlanta first Baptist for even a bigger testimony. So when I hear any of you who care to knock down a true man of god for any reason Its sad to me. For this I will pray god will bless you with the spirit or discernment of GODS anointing. Thank you Dr.Stanley enjoy GODS blessings.AGAPE!!!

  15. Mayhaw says:

    Will lets look at this one thing Dr. Stanley did not say that if he did not get six million dollars God said he was going to died like another real known pastor. Dr. Stanley is a human being who will make mistakes he is not perfect NO ONE is but aren’t we quick to judge. I think some of these comments are out of angry and jealousy. What if all of ours lives went public OH what a witch hunt from family and so call friends that would be to be judged. Dr. Stanley does not bring up money like quite a few others do, people give because THEY want to. Catholic or any other religion is without fault and misgivings. So instead of all of us judging (US WITHOUT SIN YEAH RIGHT) enjoy what you can in life, be true to God words and family and friends. The rich gets richer and spent it on themselves million dollars houses, cars, trips, parties,
    and how many children and families go without food or a roof over their heads, attitude from most not my problem. Why not judge them also as greedy self servicing. The list could go on look at the scandal IRS, TAX FRAUD people killing their entire families. We need to stop all the judging and do some good in this world it is ugly enough without trying to find fault with a man who is trying to make a GODLY statement to us to help us get right with God. Dr. Stanley has a purpose and he is serving GOD and the Lord Jesus Christ. Try doing something wonderful for someone instead of judging. Take a good look ate the person in the mirror how good of a person are you? God or Satan child. Dr. Stanley I do not judge you for you are only human and a servant of GOD others should ask you they are a servant of. I enjoy your sermons and GOD bless you and the Lord keep you safe from others. Thank you from my heart.

  16. ej says:

    Why would a pastor need that much of a salary. I hope he gives a lot of his money off his salary and books away to godly charities like John Wesley.

  17. msn1022 says:

    Religion is the biggest scam and con job ever perpetrated on the population…

  18. Paul says:

    The title of this blog is only partly correct: “unfiltered” indeed, but “nothing but the truth” is erroneous since most of these comments are opinion, and opinion that is biased and illogical.

  19. skippy says:

    #5 Dr. agnostic quote’The trend I notice with such religious groups is this: if it’s a cult, the leader wants to sleep with underage girls (AND get their parents’ money.) If it’s a recognized church ministry, the leader takes home as much money as possible. I don’t think that anyone would fault a.

    indirectly suggesting that Dr. Stanley might be susceptible to sleeping with under age females?? Dr. Agnostic is paradox How could he believe in ressurection of the dead and not be a Christian??? Skippy

  20. Deb Bateman says:

    I can’t believe the judge mental comments regarding this man who has worked very hard his entire life. He deserves to make a good salary and reap the benefit of what he has sown. His salary is no e of your business just like your salary is none of his. His church elders decide and agree on what he deserves and a $299,900 Bo us is no great shakes in the big scheme of what he gives of himself and how hard he works at his age. He is in his 80’s and still works hard. To the person who said he should make $30,000-$50k, get real! You want him to take a poverty salary. This is America. Anyone if they have the drive can make good money. He did t receive a million dollars but I my book he is worth it!!! I have watched him for 20 years and he still blesses my life to this day! Get a life!

  21. David Lopan says:

    Now listen….now listen…now listen….

    Herr Doktor has quite the word finding problem, when every sentence begins with “Now listen”…

    BTW, he’s destined for eternal damnation for violating the covenant. Perhaps that’s why he stammers on?

    Matthew 19: Now it came to pass, when Jesus had finished these sayings, that He departed from Galilee and came to the region of Judea beyond the Jordan. 2 And great multitudes followed Him, and He healed them there.

    3 The Pharisees also came to Him, testing Him, and saying to Him, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for just any reason?”

    4 And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made[a] them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’[b] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?[c] 6 So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

    7 They said to Him, “Why then did Moses command to give a certificate of divorce, and to put her away?”

    8 He said to them, “Moses, because of the hardness of your hearts, permitted you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so. 9 And I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality,[d] and marries another, commits adultery; and whoever marries her who is divorced commits adultery.”

    10 His disciples said to Him, “If such is the case of the man with his wife, it is better not to marry.”

  22. David Wilton says:

    I have read many of the comments, The ones that are against Dr.Stanley. Obviously do not know God, and His ways, of love,Kindness, Mercy etc etc etc you can just go on and on. Whoever gives such comments They do not give enough time to let what Dr.Charles Stanley is teaching, to get into your mind and meditate on it, you cannot possibly understand a word if you do not give it a chance to sink in the mind, these nasty comments are absolutely not justified Dr.Stanley does not need anyone stand up for Him because it’s the truth and the truth hurts,and we all know about truth hurting we are in denial,lets just examine ourselves, and be honest with ourselves.we are living in a time of spiritual warfare, Dr.Stanley would like you to listen to Him, but it is only your loss if you don’t listen, and regarding what Dr Stanley earns God obviously thinks He is worth it so please dont judge for he who judges will be judged. I have always regarded Dr.Stanley as one of the greats, and will continue to watch and listen to Him I’ve learnt so much from Him.God Bless You Dr.Stanley Amen.

  23. Charles McDermott says:

    I am not against Dr Stanley earning a salary commensurate with the results of his efforts. I do object to the advertising “stuff” from his In touch Ministries and their constant requests for money.

    So David Wilton is correct in his post in some ways but in others I think he is wrong. If some of In touch Ministries efforts are not God’s way then they should be stopped. What are they? I don’t know and (don’t care either).

    Mega churches turn me off. They rely of glitz, loud music and things to attract someone to the church and that is not the way of God. They are more like business than churches and that is not good either. Small churches have a tough time keeping solvent think what a mega church has in costs to keep them going?

    By the way look at Forbes top 10 ministers earnings. Of course most of them are Nigerian (only Billy Grahm was from the America). $50 million?

    Gods message is simple. Love Him with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. I don’t think I need a mega church to tell me that.

  24. David Lopan says:

    Take any sermon he gives, remove the word Jesus and replace it with “banana”, and you still get the same self-help message. I’d like to hear him give a sermon on God’s command to butcher all Amalekite children, except for the young women to kept as sex slaves.

  25. Soldier for Christ says:

    If you had your facts straight, you would know that Dr. Stanleys salary comes from his books, CDs, and tapes etc. That’s his money and none of your business what he does with it. The money his followers give to the church, along with whatever extra comes from his books etc. Goes to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world, including the U.S.A. He has the hungry fed, the naked clothed, wells put in for those that have no water. Homes built for the homeless, education provided for the children, the list goes on and on. The main thing is that he teaches sound doctrine and not his own agenda, which is rare these days considering the churches that are crooks. Whatever I give, I always get back tenfold, always.Learning from his teachings has also changed me from the monster I used to be, to a holy spirit filled man of God. You need to point the finger at someone. Stand up and point the finger at our government who has made us a whore, stolen all our money and has robbed our children out of their future. God bless us all in Jesus name!

  26. Tami Carezzi says:

    Do you know the ole Doc thinks women who are married more than once or are living in sin are morally bankrupt!!! But it’s ok for a man….

  27. David Lopan says:

    Rumor has it the pope is going to canonize his jowls.

  28. inge bout says:

    Dr. Stanley is a true man of God. His money comes from his books and cd’s. Great for him! Thank you Dr,Stanley for all you do!

  29. inge bout says:

    oh brother…yeah right

  30. SKIPPY says:

    misappropriation of designated funds by ministry ambassadors so little Andy Stanley could dress up like daddy at a slush fund Anniversary party to advertise himself as the hier apparent to the dynasty… Absalom? no, more like the doddering Priest Eli, dealing with Eli Hophni and Phineas. taking the sacred offering
    Doddering? B7 Jeeter Hall, ” mama crying why did god take charlie? You are not studying. Charlie

    My momma worked in the cotton mill. we marched around the building an god gave it to us

    shove your head through a brick wall and God will open a way….Charlie tell that to the NFL
    Andy is spoiled rotten and you should have kicked his but when he was a teenager
    congregation loves ya charlie, even when you rework sermons back from 1996

    $1,000 for a sports car? yea, Andys ministry is prosperous.. he’s telling this hedonist Bababylonian whore of a nation exactly what they want to hear. Remember ELI and his sons

  31. Barbara Oliver says:

    Dr. Stanley is a man of GOD who preaches the bible not taking away or adding to. He works very hard in preparing his sermons you can tell. I love the man and GOD loves him more.

  32. Barb Thiecke says:

    Jesus did not go to church, he went throughout the land and preached the word of his father. He did not ask for donations, they saw what he needed and just gave to him. If you are to be a Christian, meaning Christlike you would preach like he did to family and friends so that they may have everlasting life, and peace in their life. I have seen so much and received so much from God. I know what I saw I know what I heard and it was not of this earth. I have thanked God for all the help he has given me through my hard times.
    God does not want you to change your personality, because he created all personalities of the earth. Do not become a carbon copy of basic parishioners. Listen with your heart to only God and Jesus and you won’t become brainwashed. You will be able to tell through your soul the people with godly knowledge and intentions.
    When you truly have God in your life you will never feel alone it’s like someone’s Hanging out with you. You will never feel broke no matter how little you have. You will feel invincible at the thought of dying. You will never feel afraid. You will also run across people that seem childlike even though they have masters degrees, outrages awards, wonderful human status and the rich will seem sad to you.
    Life is a wonderful adventure it is a gift from God for you to experience, you are the prodigal child of God.
    Do not let these imposters steal your joy, just smile at the joke.

  33. Bill Stauff says:

    The church is not predominantly white it is the most diverse church I have ever been to. The survey was just taken where people were born in 96 countries . we are members not casual outside as you know nothing that are making comments. Just come to the church once and you’ll find out the real story. God bless

  34. Nandita Ravishankar says:

    I am a born Hindu. I recently got Baptized into Catholic faith.
    Regardless of what faith I belong to, I have been hearing to Dr Stanley’s sermons since one year.
    He is an amazing preacher. His sermons have changed my whole personality, my way of thinking etc.
    I learnt how to fellowship with God. I learnt how to handle difficult situations when I heard his sermon
    ‘Fighting battles on your knees’. And many others…
    I am not worried about how much he is making. To me, whatever he makes is way less when compared to
    the guidance he provided to people and brought more and more people to the path of the Almighty.

    Thank you Dr Charles Stanley!!! I wish I can meet you at least once in this life time.

  35. Nandita Ravishankar says:

    I Pray to God to give Dr Stanley good health and long life and the strength to continue his mission and sermons

  36. Ann Robitaille says:

    Dr Charles Stanley is an awesome Preacher . So what how much He makes. He gives us the Word of God . He helps out so many people. He sends out free magazines to all who wants to learn more about god. He an awesome man . I ‘ve been watching Him for 4 years and have been so blessed . He is the best Preacher I have ever head off. So what that He is rich . He has worked so hard . He has helped out so many people and saved millions of lives . You who upset cause He has nice things are so wrong for thinking that . I know that He has a job just like Us and should get paid . Don’t hate Him for that ………… I will not stop listening to Him or stop reading His books. He’s the best Teacher I ever had . Thank You Charles Stanley for all You do.

  37. Jack says:

    I’m reading that Dr. Stanley’s income is $73 million/year. Then I read his net worth is $1.5 million. I’m just an average guy but I hope to have 1.5 when I’m his age. So, I suspect, if his reported income is accurate, that he’s giving most of it away.

    Also, the guy in the Big Bird suite makes north of $300K/year. Consider that the next time you pay your taxes or hear pleads to contribute to public broadcasting.

  38. Susie says:

    Well I can say I do enjoy C. Stanley’s preaching “but” recently I was faced with a financial problem.So I decided to call Stanley’s ministry, told them about my situation. They really had nothing to say except they would take my info, and be back in touch with me. So two weeks later I received a letter pointing out that their ministry is not allowed to give help. Their reason mainly stated because it was a nonprofit. Basically, they could not help me, due to certain regulations. I give the ministry credit for at least replying to my plead for help. Oh, well life goes on!!

  39. MAGALI ROJAS says:

    Dr. Charles Stanley ministries is worldwide to those who don’t know about God. His magazine is free from faithful partners like myself who give freely to publish it and support other causes for God. Unless you can do his job and volunteer as helping partners, you are writing like the fool you are. Like Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. People who attack are not Christian’s. And remember, the day we die, we take nothing so stop coveting what others have and you don’t. What you put into life here on Earth is what you get. None of you would last a minute as a preacher.

  40. Atom says:

    First of all, for the people that think It’s wrong for Charles Stanley to EARN what he makes. It NOT. He brings people all over the WORLD to Christ. He has nothing but love in his heart, and only wants to do God’s work. Let’s look at Football players. They throw a stupid, silly pigskin ball back and forth over a field, knocking each other brains out, for what??? What does it help in the world, WHO does it help?? NO ONE!! Just the advertisers, and owners. That’s it!! Do they bring people to Christ?? Do they Dave your Soul??? Do they change people’s lives for the better? Do they even save you ” living” life?? Answer to all is NO. What Charles Stanley has been doing for the last 40years, is saving people’s eternal life. What better thing can you do than save someone’s eternal life?? What job is more important than that?? Nothing, that’s what. Charles Stanley is a Godly Man. He has been since he was twelve. God bless Charles Stanley. He helped me to be saved. And in turn, I have saved many. That man should have a $20,000,000 salary. No amount of”money” is enough to be given, paid to save your Soul. What better job is there than that??

  41. leroy harris says:

    hello I Leroy ask that if it,s possible that mr.stanley can see this post,i posted to you befor letting you know I was going to move,and when I Leroy did I would get intouch with you and give you my adderess,i,m the person that posted to you about a injustice I,m going thru to be payed settlement moneys and some other moneys that go with it,in trying to get moneys owed to me I been thru a lot of threats on my life,insomuch I,v written a wrongfull death suit in the case I get killed trying to get moneys owed to me,this is what att.gen peter kilmartin allowed and aided in happening to not pay me Leroy moneys owed,and heres another truth I tell to you,to this day all moneys being put together add up to 735,517,600 million dollars that att.gen peter kilmartin of rhode governor gina raimondo of rhode island,and the state of rhode island,governor eric Holcomb of Indiana,indiana state police and the state of Indiana and others that can be sued,because of what they did in this injustice against me Leroy,all this money can be sued for in the case of me Leroy harris being killed trying to get moneys owed to me Leroy,i,m not just posting something to you,to be posting somethingmr.stanley what I,m posting to you is the gods honest truth,mr. Stanley I Leroy have been thru a injustice that no human being should have to go thru in having been granted lawfully granted moneys, for if you knew everything you just would not want to belive it,and if it was not me Leroy harris that went thru this I would not want to belive it,the last time I posted to you I posted I would like to give you my adderess,i belive I ask you mr.stanly to talk to t.d. jakes if you know him and see if he would agree to me leaveing not only you mr.stanley wrongfull death suit moneys, but also leaveing him some wrongfull death suit moneys also, mr,stanley I Leroy harris want to leave you and t.d.jakes 200,000,000 million dollars a picece that’s 4,000,000,000 hundered million dollars, because I to want the word of god preached,i to want souls to be saved,and I belive in my heart you two men have been called by god to do that, for I seen you both on t.v.and this money will help your ministries,this is what I ask of both of you if I may,because of the terrible injustice att.gen peter kilmartin,indiana state police and a host of others took me Leroy harris thru to not pay me Leroy moneys owed to me,even to the point this could cost me Leroy my life,yes I Leroy tell you the truth trying to get these moneys owed to me Leroy could cost me my life,not because I,m doing anything wrong but because of what att.gen kilmartin and Indiana state police allowed and others allowed,i Leroy ask if you agree and are willing to take the wrongfull death suit moneys, for justice to me for what was done to me Leroy I ask that you and I belive you would have to sue for the moneys,i ask that you sue for the whole 4000,000,000 hundered million please I ask that you get every penny,att.gen peter kilmartin has commited so much crime against me Leroy harris that he suppose to be in prison right now as I,m posting this to you,and he,s allowed to get away with his crimes,he has payed lawyers and other people to not help me Leroy get moneys owed to me,if you agree to take these moneys well done,god bless you, att.gen peter kilmartin of rhode island I Leroy belive is not going to pay me Leroy moneys owed ,I been going thru this with him and others breaking the law against me Leroy now for 20.months, and thru 24.states, att.gen kilmartin is going to keep allowing the law to be broken against me,and keep aiding in the law being broken against me Leroy, and the same for Indiana state police until someone comes along and hurt me or kill me Leroy, and he and the others pay the wrongfull death suit, god bless me Leroy with eyes to see,and that’s just what I do with them,two things ,mr.stanley befor I close this post, I,m going to give you my adderess and that is 30 main street,rapid city south Dakota,57701 the number there is 605,341,2844 that’s the phone number there the name of the place is cornerstone rescue mission, yes I,m sad to post I Leroy have to stay at missions because of the injustice I,m being put thru to not be payed moneys owed,and 2nd please I ask this not because I don,t belive you will, but I ask to have something to look at,have in my hand to let me Leroy know justice will be done concerning what I Leroy have been taken thru,please send me Leroy harris a letter telling me Leroy you both you mr.stanley and mr.t.d.jakes will sue for the whole 4000,000,000 hundered million and not a penny less, if I Leroy get killed trying to get moneys owed to me Leroy,please send me a letter with both your names on it, and I will right both your names on the wrongfull death suit I,v written, and if you can help me I still have over 3000,000,000 hundered million dollars to give away if I,m killed, I Leroy ask please talk to some other preachers you know and see if they will agree to sue for all moneys offered to them from me Leroy,and send me Leroy letters letting me know they will and in you guys doing that I Leroy will get justice, for if you knew all of what I Leroy went thru have been taken thru you would understand truly why I ask this of you,god bless you, and I hope to get a letter from you soon,again this is Leroy harris.