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Roxanne Spillett, Boys & Girls Clubs president: $981,984


President of the non-profit Boys & Girls Clubs of America, headquartered in Atlanta. Her 2007 compensation included $363,000 in supplemental executive retirement benefits.





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6 Responses to “Roxanne Spillett, Boys & Girls Clubs president: $981,984”

  1. Rob Branson says:

    Outrageous, but only for a few seconds.

    What ever happened to good people doing good things for other people for nothing?

  2. cribbster says:

    Holy Christ, that’s wrong.

  3. Nadine Moore says:

    Have you ever been to columbus, Georgia Roxanne? I admire the boys and girls club, but most of their adminstrators are paid the kind of money that says that they can also pay property taxes. What is the boys and girls club doing to assist the inner city and if you are doing anything why is the crime rate so high in these areas? what kind of parental support groups for behavior modification do you have that impacts the communities that you serve to bring about a positive change as you once did during my youth?

  4. Erich Abraham says:

    Appalling! …unfortunately people are selfish and egocentric in their pursuit of career and philanthropy. As a Christian, I would say that Sin abounds everywhere, and this is no exception. The culprits are the Board members who have authorized this shameful pay plan. She had the choice to be a servant leader or to be an executive leader.
    Roxanne will not take any of her wealth into eternity, but her expenditures for kids will leave a lasting legacy and hope for a future.

  5. JBVick says:

    can anyone name any board members?

  6. Rex Erickson says:

    Back in the days, like in the 50’s, it was the Variety Boys Club. Still remember getting my first membership card at seven: $1 for one year. Across the street (Airline Drive, Houston) was a junkyard. The Club’s back was to that junkyard with a park facing the front. Purposely, the club was plopped down into one of Houston’s poorer areas. Now, there’s a Boy’s and Girl’s Club just a few blocks from my upper end residence in Seattle.

    Things and thinking has changed!

    Say what you like about a boys exclusive club, there was a reason: Poor boys wind up in prison. Even today, over 90% of Federal Prison inmates are male with annual cost to society of a conservative $40,000 a year per. Club Director Ronald Johnson (hope I remember the name correctly) came to work in suit and tie. Our dress code was whatever with mine being torn jeans and bare feet. We roamed the halls from gym to library. In summer, we had air conditioning which we never had had home. Dedicated volunteers, such as Houston wrestling legend Paul Bosch, would appear for performances and to pass out Double Bubble Gum. Hilton volunteered his downtown Houston Shamrock Hilton pool on selected Sundays. What a sight for guests in the glass enclosed poolside restaraunt: Young boys in torn cutoffs doing cannonballs from the high dive! We, the young boys with so much prison potential, lived there at the Club with occasional visits (earned through points for reading books) to the posh.

    Neighbor “Bubba” went to prison in Sugarland. Others were incarcerated elsewhere or died. A lot of the Boys Club members survived to become productive members of society. Myself, a couple of juvie arrests, a tour in combat infantry, and a couple of university degrees. I had two loving but poor parents. The Variety Boys Club was my third parent.

    What you have today in the Boys and Girls Club, is not what used to be. Sad if you think, as I do, that the need still exists.