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Fulton deputy going once…going twice…gone?


Sheriff’s deputy Mitnee Jones, charged with covering up a fatal beating at the Fulton County Jail, could be fired if she’s found guilty.

The question is: Will the third time be the charm?

The sheriff’s office fired Jones, 46, in 2003 and again in 2004. Each time, she got her job back. Those dismissals followed suspensions and warnings for chronic absenteeism (twice), sleeping on the job, leaving her post and slapping an inmate.

In July 2003, then-Sheriff Jackie Barrett dumped Jones for releasing an inmate who should have been held for transfer to DeKalb authorities. Jones admitted she should have been more careful but said she handled the release as her supervisor had instructed her. Nearly a year later, Jones negotiated the dismissal down to a 30-day suspension.

Jones was back on the job only six weeks when John Gibson, then the court-appointed warden over the jail, let her go again in September 2004. This time, the county Personnel Board reinstated her because of “exculpatory testimony” that was not explained in the board’s order.

Now, Jones is on indefinite suspension, accused of lying about events preceding the March 2008 beating death of Richard Glasco, a mentally ill inmate, by another deputy. She was arrested May 4 for allegedly filing a false report, making false statements to federal agents and obstruction of justice.

Personnel records show Jones was suspended in 2002 for sleeping on the job and in 2000 for slapping an inmate. Another deputy told investigators he saw the inmate standing in front of Jones with tears in his eyes, telling her, “You don’t have to put your hands on me.”

Supervisors also warned Jones about absenteeism in 2000 and 2002. The first time, after failing to show up six times in threw weeks, Jones blamed bad morale:

“The reason for my absenteeism is because of lack of moral[e] due to the things that’s being going on since I was moved to 2F and since I had a death in the family. Am I suppose[d] to be motivated?”





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