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Pat Swindall


Swindall, a former two-term congressman from DeKalb, was convicted in 1989 of lying to a grand jury in a federal sting investigation. An undercover IRS agent testified that Swindall discussed the possible use of $850,000 in illegal drug proceeds to finance cost overruns in the construction of his Stone Mountain house. He served a year in prison for six counts of perjury. Today, Swindall manages commercial real estate in downtown Atlanta. Records show his corporations owe more than $185,000 in back property taxes on buildings at 82 Peachtree St. and 97 Peachtree






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One Response to “Pat Swindall”

  1. steve Hinds says:

    apparently this is something that runs in his family. His brother Phillip is stealing money from people all over on a bogus car business!!! He is a Liar and a thief!!! Atlanta needs to check into the whole family operations. I hear Phillip lives in a million dollar home and is a back organist in his church. Atlanta you need to rid the trash of the “SWINDALL’S”. PLEASE INVESTIGATE THIS FAMILY!!!!!