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Fayette politician asked to resolve pot charge at scene, deputy reports



May 26, 2009 — Fayette County Commissioner Robert Horgan (right) looked flushed, pale and “extremely nervous” when a sheriff’s deputy pulled him over Saturday.

“Horgan’s hands began to shake, and his voice began to tremble in conversation,” Deputy Justin Storm reported.

Not surprising, it would seem, since the deputy found marijuana and rolling papers under the passenger seat.

The incident report says Horgan, while under arrest in the back of the patrol car, asked Storm and his partner “if there was anything that we could do to resolve this right here, right now!,” according to the deputy’s report. They told Horgan no.

Horgan was driving a white Mazda truck on Stanley Road when Storm pulled him over about 6 p.m. Saturday for having an expired decal on his license plate. That was when the deputy noticed “a strong odor of marijuana coming from the interior of the vehicle.”

Horgan allowed the deputy to search the vehicle and admitted to his partner that there was marijuana in a pill bottle under the front seat, according to the arrest report. Horgan also admitted he had just smoked a joint on his way home from Lowe’s.

Horgan, 45, was charged with marijuana possession and having an expired tag. The drug charge is a misdemeanor, since the amount was less than 1 ounce, and will be handled in Fayette County State Court.





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One Response to “Fayette politician asked to resolve pot charge at scene, deputy reports”

  1. morley says:

    I did not vote for Horgan in the past. I will now