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PSC picks new chairman for 2-year term, but was it legal?


The Georgia Public Service Commission chose Stan Wise as its new chairman for a two-year term Tuesday, but one member wants a second opinion.

State law specifies that the PSC chairman serves a one-year term, using a rotation system based on seniority. But the commission voted 3-2 Tuesday to name Wise as chairman for the next two years, beginning July 1.

Chuck Eaton, who voted with member Bobby Baker against the two-year term, said he will ask Attorney General Thurbert Baker on Wednesday to weigh in on the legality of the decision.

Eaton asked the commission, without success, to delay the vote until Baker’s office could be consulted.

Wise was appointed on a motion by current Chairman Doug Everett (right), who said he believed the Georgia Constitution allows the commission to do so. In a prepared statement, Everett cited a constitutional provision that “A chairman shall be selected by the members of the commission from its membership.”

Everett argued that any law restricting the commission’s choice of a chairman would be unconstitutional.





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