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DeKalb may still owe fired police chief thousands of $$$$


DeKalb County may still owe fired Police Chief Terrell Bolton (right) several thousand dollars, even if his dismissal is upheld at a civil service hearing.

The county’s new CEO, Burrell Ellis, fired Bolton in February for comp time abuses and other infractions. Bolton took about $35,000 in unauthorized comp time in late 2007 and 2008, according to a recently released investigative report by the DeKalb Sheriff’s Department.

Nevertheless, Bolton’s termination paperwork shows the county still owes him for 98 hours of annual leave. At his pay grade, that’s worth about $7,500.

From that, the county plans to deduct $2,721 for clothing and equipment issued to him but not yet returned (as of March 9). That amount includes a $100 flashlight, a $91 holster and a $22 pair of handcuffs. Also, lots and lots of shirts: more than six dozen, valued at $2,250.

Do the math, and DeKalb would owe Bolton nearly $5,000 in severance. Unless he gets his job back.





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One Response to “DeKalb may still owe fired police chief thousands of $$$$”

  1. Fred Flintstone says:

    Maybe the Fire Chief, Foster, is next?