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AJC makes it official: 74 more writers, photographers take voluntary buyout


Julia Wallace, editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, today announced names of 74 newsroom employees who will take a voluntary buyout.

Each will receive two weeks’ pay for every year of service, with a maximum of 52 weeks.

There are many award-winning photographers and writers here.

They include Gayle White, Jim Auchmutey, Andy Miller, Louie Favorite, Joey Ivansco, Moni Basu, Drew Jubera and Rich Addicks.

White was the Templeton Foundation’s 2002 Religion Writer of the Year.

Miller’s 2007 series (produced with staff writer Alan Judd) on abuses in Georgia’s mental health system, “A Hidden Shame,” prompted a federal investigation and, perhaps, critical reforms.

The AJC has now reduced its newsroom staff by about 200 through voluntary buyouts since the spring of 2007. Dozens of other jobs were eliminated through attrition.

The newspaper also laid off 48 part-timers this month, as well as at least 15 full-timers, including all of its graphic artists and news researchers.

Before the buyouts began in 2007, the newroom had roughly 475 full-time employees.

Here is Julia’s memo to the newsroom:

Subject: the vsp list

To all,

It is a sobering and impressive list, filled with wonderful and brilliant talent. One of the spectacular components of this newsroom is the deep and varied talent.

This list confirms that. Photographers who never shoot a bad photo. Reporters who break story after story. Copy editors and editors who make those stories better.
Producers and channel managers who understand digital audiences and what they want.

Great people. Great work. We will miss you all.

Here is the list [a few people asked not to be named).


Rich Addicks
Nancy Albritton
Jim Auchmutey
Kevin Austin
Moni Basu
Wendell Brock
Tasgola Bruner
Celine Bufkin
Mary Civille
Brenda Coglianese
Larry Conley
Holly Crenshaw
Michael Dabrowa
David Deckert
Lea Donosky
Kevin Duffy
Gerdeen Dyer
Joe Earle
Sandy Eckstein
Ginny Everett
Louis Favorite
Ron Feinberg
Vivian Flagg
Cathy Fox
Clark Freeman
Phil Gast
Steve Harvey
Robin Henry
John Hollis
Joey Ivansco
Drew Jubera
Phil Kloer
Mike Knobler
Montse Knowlton
Pat Koester
Conni Lawson
George Leite
Donna Lewis
Rachel Lister
Derrick Mahone
Andy Miller
Terence Moore
Sonia Murray
Doug Nurse
Thomas Oliver
Evelyn Ortega
Michael Pearson
Kay Powell
John Reiter
Susan Reu
Frank Rizzo
Holly Roseberry
Pierre Ruhe
Jennifer Ryan
Chip Saye
Paul Shea
Stacy Shelton
David Simpson
Ben Smith
Jim Smith
Kim Smith
Lewis Sturm
Ron Taylor
Jerome Thompson
David Tulis
Chuck Turlington
Melissa Turner
Steve Valk
Omar Vega
Reagan Walker
Harold Weaver
Gayle White
Janine Williams
Schauna Wright





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