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Cagle denies role in inserting retroactive provision in TAD bill


This came in from Cagle’s spokeswoman, Jaillene Hunter, in response to rumors that Cagle had asked the Senate Finance Committee to:

“To be clear, the Lt Governor had absolutely no involvement in a Senate substitute to H.B. 63. We are unaware of who suggested he was, but it is a completely false assumption.

“H.B. 63 reenacts the Redevelopment Powers Law relating to tax allocation districts, following the approval by the voters of a constitutional amendment authorizing such districts last November. From our understanding the substitute bill in the Senate adds language that mirrors the constitutional provision, saying that if a school system had already agreed to become part of a TAD before the constitutional amendment was approved, their agreement will not be unconstitutional. Nothing in this legislation that we are aware of will prevent any school system who is not happy with their TAD agreement from renegotiating the agreement or withdrawing from the TAD altogether. This gives appropriate flexibility to our school systems.”





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