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TAD reauthorization snags Gainesville schools (maybe Cagle, too)


The amended House Bill 63, which reauthorizes spending of school tax money for non-school purposes in tax allocation districts, may also sweep up Gainesville city schools. Unlike Atlanta, Gainesville school officials have changed their minds and want out of the TAD there — at least for now.

The Georgia Supreme Court ruled last year that school funds could not be spent for TADs, which led to the current legislation. Last week, a Senate committee slipped in language (reproduced below) to say a school board’s past vote for TAD funding is still considered valid.

That means a school board would not have to vote on a TAD deal a second time. But the Gainesville Times reports that the board there is backing out of the deal because of the recession. “We need every dime we can get,” Superintendent Merrianne Dyer said.

At City Hall, other Gainesville officials are conferring with lawyers to see if they can hold the school board to its 2006 vote to approve the TAD spending.

The dispute could put Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, who presides over the Senate, on the hot spot. Cagle hails from Gainesville.





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