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    Superintendent candidate Mike Buck


    The information on Atlanta Unfiltered is free to all — except me. Open records requests, research tools, car expenses, insurance, website maintenance – not to mention my time — all cost me money. Atlanta Unfiltered needs your financial support to continue following the money in Georgia politics. Someone’s gotta do it. Use the Donate button on this page to help me produce more articles like this one.

    Leaders in the public sector have plenty of public resources to promote their political views, accomplishments and experience. Often the public record holds much more: personal and campaign finance disclosures, expense reports, and business, tax and court filings. Here’s what they show: 

    Michael Lawrence Buck

    Campaign website



    Mike Buck

    Mike Buck

    Buck’s biggest donor so far is International Teacher Training Institute Global (ITTI Global), an organization with offices in Duluth that organized a 2013 cultural exchange with South Korea for Georgia teachers. ITTI also donated $20,000 to Buck’s boss, state School Superintendent John Barge, for his 2014 race for governor. Overall, Buck has raised about $30,000 for his campaign through mid-July.

    International Teacher Training Institute Global (ITTI), – See more at:
    International Teacher Training Institute Global (ITTI), – See more at:
    International Teacher Training Institute Global (ITTI), – See more at:

     Political career

    • Ran first with 19.5% in the May 2014 Republican primary for state school superintendent; faces Irwin County educator Richard Woods in the July 2014 runoff.


    • Chief academic officer, Georgia Department of Education, earning $128,224 in 2013.

    Business ownership interests

    • None disclosed.

    Other fiduciary positions

    • None disclosed

    Real estate holdings

    • Personal residence in Rome valued for tax purposes at $204,000.

    Other investments

    • None disclosed.

    Payments from state agencies

    • None disclosed.

    Campaign contributions

    Donors have given more than $28,000 to Buck’s campaign.

    • Reported cash on hand (July 2014): $11,608

    Top donors

    • $5,000 ITTI Global Inc. (International Teacher Training Institute), Duluth, Ga.
    • $2,750 co-workers at Georgia Department of Education
    • $2,000 Lewis Blanchard, president Executive Marketing Services, Augusta, Ga.
    • $2,000 Rep. Randy Nix (R-LaGrange)
    • $2,000 William Byington, attorney, Rome, Ga. (cash & in-kind)
    • $1,000 SRG Technology LLC, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., software developer

    Campaign-to-campaign donations

    Candidates may make political donations with campaign funds, allowing prolific fund-raisers to share their contributions with other legislators or candidates. Some advocacy groups believe such transfers should be limited to an aggregate of $10,000 per election cycle. Buck’s committee made these contributions:

    • 2014: $120

    Lobbyist freebies

    Since 2006, lobbyists have reported paying $50.56 for meals for Buck:

    • 2011: $3.97 from the Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education
    • 2012: $46.59 from The College Board
    • 2013: $0
    • 2014: $0 through June 30

     Posted by Jim Walls, July 20, 2014





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