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    Mark Richt, UGA football coach: $3,066,275


    Mark Richt wrapped up UGA’s 2009 football season with a 8-5 season and a bowl victory over Texas A&M. For that, and for everything else he does, Richt made more than $3 million last year.

    Taxpayers picked up the tab for only 13 cents of every dollar paid to Richt. His coach’s salary in fiscal year 2010 was $381,389.

    The rest of Richt’s earnings — most of it paid by the UGA Athletic Association — breaks down this way:

    • $1,120,000 for radio and television appearances,
    • $742,000 for equipment endorsements,
    • $390,000 toward his longevity bonus, payable in 2013, and
    • $140,000 for his football camp.

    Those payments are spelled out in Richt’s contract — which extends through 2013 — and a contract amendment signed after the 2007 season.

    Richt also estimated he would earn $292,886 in outside income in 2010, primarily from product endorsements.





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    2 Responses to “Mark Richt, UGA football coach: $3,066,275”

    1. Ron says:

      None of this is tax dollars. He is paid by the private UGA athletic association which receives no tax dollars either.

    2. Jim Walls says:

      Actually, $381,000 of it IS tax dollars. Most of the rest of it is from the Athletic Association, which uses tax-EXEMPT dollars. That has an indirect impact on other taxpayers, in that their tax bills are necessarily higher to make up for the taxes that the association doesn’t pay.

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