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    Outside groups funnel cash into 9th District race


    What do a homemaker from Charlotte, a manufacturer from Wisconsin and a retiree from San Diego have in common? None can vote for Tom Graves, but all want him in Congress. With the help of the Washington-based Club for Growth, hundreds of non-Georgians are bankrolling Graves’ run for the U.S. House, while the American Dental Association has stepped up for his opponent. Those groups have funneled more than $400,000 into the 9th District, raising the question: Why should a voter from Minnesota or Texas have anything to say about who North Georgia sends to Congress? Read on…





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    One Response to “Outside groups funnel cash into 9th District race”

    1. chefdavid says:

      Well Hawkins like out of state money also.

      What about Hawkins taken all those legislatures to a NC resort as speakers for a GA Dental Assoc. Meeting. Why would 8 or 9 legislatures be listed as speakers at a dental convention? I can only think of two reasons they either had a panel discussion or it was a junket paid for the GA Dental Assoc. Who was the president that year?

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