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    LegiStorm unveils searchable database of Congressional earmarks


    This is cool. A new, searchable database lets you sift through $20 billion in congressional pork, also known as earmarks, for the last two fiscal years. The data shows Georgia collected $2.1 billion of the national total.

    sanford bishopJust looking at “solo” sponsorship, U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop led Georgia’s congressional delegation with $46.9 million directed to the state in FY 2008 and 2009. Bishop co-sponsored another $97.7 million in earmarks with other members of Congress, the data shows. Much was for military use.

    After Bishop, Georgia congressmen ranked this way for solo earmarks over the last two years:

    Rep. Phil Gingrey, $38 million
    Rep. Jack Kingston, $31.1 million
    Sen. Saxby Chambliss $17.9 million
    Rep. Jim Marshall, $10.7 million
    Rep. Nathan Deal, $8.5 million
    Rep. John Barrow, $6.6 million
    Sen. Johnny Isakson $6.2 million
    Rep. Hank Johnson, $5.1 million
    Rep. David Scott, $3.2 million
    Rep. John Lewis, $2 million
    Lynn Westmoreland $483,000
    Rep. John Linder $392,000
    Tom Price $245,000
    Paul Broun $0

    Isakson and Chambliss topped the list if you crunch the numbers another way, looking at the total for both solo- sponsored and co-sponsored earmarks. Each was credited with $2.1 billion of appropriations.

    The database was compiled by LegiStorm, using data supplied by Taxpayers for Common Sense. LegiStorm also allows you to look up congressional staff salaries, financial disclosures, travel and much more.





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