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  • Bill Myers, Gwinnett fire chief: $135,000

    Bill Myers, Gwinnett fire chief: $135,000
    September 16, 2009 --

    Gwinnett’s new fire chief, George W. “Bill” Myers,” will start at an annual salary of $135,000 under an employment contract that takes effect Saturday. His pay range, though, extends upward to $177,914. Also, he’s eligible for a take-home car or a car allowance of $4,160 a year.

    Will ATL fans take maglev train to Braves games?

    September 16, 2009 --

    Ever wonder why MARTA’s rail line doesn’t run near the Atlanta baseball stadium where tens of thousands of fans gather 81 times a year? Me too. Now, as my pals at Atlanta Unsheltered reported yesterday, MARTA is in early discussions with a private firm about using magnetic levitation trains to shuttle Braves fans to home games.

    Sept. 16