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    PAC Watch: Special-interest groups chip in $1M+ to GA races


    Special interests have plunked more than $1 million into statewide and legislative races in Georgia so far this year, the latest financial disclosure reports show.

    Health-care interests contributed more than $375,000 of that total, led by United Health Services, a Toccoa-based chain of nursing homes and pharmacies.

    Other industries represented among the most generous businesses and political action committees in 2009 include:

    — Development interests ($150,000+)
    — Lenders ($125,000+)
    — Makers and distributors of alcoholic beverages ($100,000+)
    — Lobbyists ($75,000+)

    Under state law, the first financial disclosure reports for 2009 were due this week. Candidates and donors who give more than $25,000 a year must file the reports with the State Ethics Commission, which makes them available (and searchable) online.

    Twenty-three political action committees reported giving more than $15,000 to candidates (virtually all incumbents) or political parties this year.

    The top givers:

    $79,000    United Health Services
    $68,200    Civil Justice PAC (Georgia Trial Lawyers Association)
    $55,900    International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    $54,703    Georgia Bankers Association
    $52,500    Centene Corp.
    $47,950    Aflac
    $41,910    Titlemax of Georgia
    $38,000    United Parcel Service
    $37,300    Georgia Association of Realtors
    $35,000    Georgia Optometric Association
    $34,000    Donald M. Leebern III
    $33,342    Temple-Inland (Committee for Responsible Government)
    $32,750    Georgia Health Care Association
    $32,750    McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
    $31,250    Georgia Apartment Association (Georgia Better Government Fund)
    $30,608    Georgia Wholesalers for Better Government
    $28,250    Georgia Credit Union Affiliates
    $25,900    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
    $24,750    Builders PAC
    $24,100    Georgia Pharmacy Services
    $24,000    Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals
    $23,600    Wholesale Distributors for Good Government
    $22,250    Georgia Association of Educators
    $21,125    Georgia Association of Convenience Stores
    $20,800    Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia
    $20,300    Donald M. Leebern Jr.
    $16,250    Coca-Cola Enterprises
    $15,000    Delta Air Lines





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